What is the “the Holy Grail of breath testing” from Penny Stocks Guru? Will the company behind it quadruple your money?

Manny Backus says "This tiny U.S. company has what top doctors call 'the Holy Grail' in stopping cancer, heart disease, diabetes, even obesity"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 7, 2015

“This $2 American company is threatening a massive Wall Street shakeup handing you the opportunity for… 403% Gains In 3 Months

Who can resist that pitch, right? The ad comes from Manny Backus for his Penny Stocks Guru service, which has been promoted in the past as a way to buy “safe penny stocks.” An admirable goal, I suppose, since “investor safety” is probably the area in which microcap companies are most lacking.

And it’s all about some new kind of breathalyzer technology — but the reason it really caught my eye this week (the ad’s been around for at least a few weeks now) is that the emails Manny Backus is using to pitch it have a new opening:

“A small American company, trading for less than a gallon of gas, is close to achieving technology first devised in 400 B.C.

“And on top of that… they’ve done it aboard the International Space Station!

“Yes, from ancient Greece to high above the Earth – this journey may result in the most important technology our world has seen in decades.

“And like those investors who jumped on IBM, Google, Amazon or Intel early on, you could be at the forefront of a world changing breakthrough and life changing profits.”

How is this an ancient Greece story? Are we really going to get life-changing profits? That’s what I wanted to find out. Here’s some more of the meat from the ad:

“This tiny U.S. company has what top doctors call “the Holy Grail” in stopping cancer, heart disease, diabetes, even obesity… long before they ever threaten your life.

“And investors are already lining up for the ‘ground floor profits’….

“… a revolution in modern medicine is occurring as you read this.

“One that could change the face of health and wellness in our world for the rest of time.

“All those invasive uncomfortable tests that take far too long to give you answers… could soon become obsolete.

“Instead, imagine walking into your doctor’s office, breathing into a plastic tube attached to a small machine sitting on a table and knowing within 3.5 seconds what may or may not be ailing you….

“The small breath analyzer I’m about to tell you about could become one of the most disruptive piece of technology ever known to man.

“I’m talking about an innovation on par with the personal computer, the cell phone, digital music and the tablet.”

So that’s the basic idea — the ancient Greece bit is explained here:

“Hippocrates, known as the ‘Father of Western Medicine’ wrote about a distinctive aroma to the breath of patients with certain diseases even back in 400 B.C.<