“Gold Sands” — “A small, publicly traded micro-cap has stumbled onto the discovery of a lifetime”

Well, this seems like a good way to get back to work after a week of moving — and I must say, I’m relieved that it’s not a hugely difficult teaser, since the mighty Thinkolator is not yet up to speed after the move. Hopefully I’ll find the rest of the pieces by next week.

This teaser ad is for another special report and conference call from Stansberry & Associates, a call that they’ll be holding on July 12 (so although the stock is actually moving up already today, a strong indicator that lots of investors figgered this one out on their own, thanks very much, there is a potential catalyst from this call in 10 days that could bump the shares up or down considerably — and on July 8 they’ll release the written report on this one to subscribers, so that could make a difference as well).

The product they’re selling is their most expensive newsletter, Phase 1 Investor, so there are probably lots more folks who figured the stock out on their own or who are reading this note today than will subscribe to the newsletter for this deal (the list price is $5,000, they’re currently selling it for $3,000 … still one of the more expensive letters I ever write about). Phase 1 recently got a new editor, Frank Curzio, who concentrates on low priced stocks (he ran a “stocks under $10” letter for TheStreet.com before leaving and resurfacing at Stansberry with a new penny stock letter, and now they’ve given him Phase 1 as well.) I don’t know Curzio, though I listen sporadically to his podcast and generally like the kinds of ideas he hunts down.

But you just want to know what this “gold sands” stock is, right? For me that conjures up the Alberta oil sands, but this time we’re actually talking about sand that’s a lot closer to the beach. Here’s how they introduce it in the ad:

“We’re received report of a major gold discovery… in a location you’d never guess in a thousand years…

“If this gold were buried underneath the Washington Monument… or the Sears Tower, it would probably be less surprising…

“But the fact is, after 10 years of investing and writing about finance, I’ve never heard or seen anything like it.

“And I’m not the only one…

“‘Geologically… this is definitely the best prospect ...

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