Phase 1’s “Next Royal Gold” … Hello, old friend!

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 10, 2011

I always love to see a new teaser from Phase 1 Investor, the high-price newsletter offered as the “ultimate upgrade” by the Stansberry & Associates folks — the stocks usually are interesting, they’re often tiny and move like crazy after the teaser campaign, and the marketing language is always plenty florid to justify the $5,000 sticker price.

Here’s how the ad gets going:

“On June 21st 2011:

“The NEXT Royal Gold?

“The last time this happened, early investors had an opportunity to make an absolute fortune. Now, a small team of researchers believe it could happen again with a tiny gold stock trading for just over $1.00 a share.”

Sounds good, right? Those of you who’ve been walking the deck of the good ship Gumshoe for more than a few months will know that I often delight in royalty-type companies and other relatively low risk firms that should have steady earnings, high margins, and relatively low operating risks. What’s not to like?

The ad letter is signed by Frank Curzio (who also reads the long presentation version, you may know his voice if you listen to his excellent free podcast), and he describes this kind of company as one of the rare opportunities to really get rich from penny stocks — better than lucky oil explorers, breakthrough technology and biotech companies and fad retail stocks … he calls it “perhaps the most lucrative case of all…”

“It’s taken place only a handful of times in modern financial history. But on each occasion, it’s resulted in an explosion of wealth so incredible, the numbers almost seem like they were made up. (I’ll show you these numbers in a moment.)

“We thought we might never encounter an opportunity to capitalize on this type of penny stock again.

“But it looks like we may actually have the opportunity again, right now… with a microscopically small equity, which I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of before…

“You see, because this penny stock is currently disguised as a different type of business… it’s virtually undetectable by any traditional methods (More on this later).

“Bottom line: We have a valuable gem sitting in plain view. It’s just a matter of time before someone scratches the surface to reveal its true nature.”

I already know what the stock is, and still I feel tempted to shell ...

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