What’s Dave Lashmet’s “Biggest Ever Breakthrough for treating Alzheimer’s Disease?”

Special Report now being promoted called The Alzheimer's Breakthrough Manual: How to Create Wealth with the One Biotech Stock Set to Change the World

What's Stansberry's Investment Advisory hinting at with a July 16 date for profiting from the "biggest health story of 2017?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 14, 2017

Alzheimer’s Disease always gets a lot of attention from newsletter publishers, readers and investors — not only because we all know someone who suffers from this terrible malady, but because we know that the current treatments are ineffective and the market is huge… which means that any real solutions or more effective treatments could create tremendous profits for the companies who discover and market them.

That’s been far more often promised than realized, however, as Alzheimer’s Disease has proven to be a tough nut to crack — not only because of the fact that you’re dealing with peoples brains and the side effects can be frightening, or because success or failure is often measured with pretty squishy instruments that try to standardize patient reactions when it comes to memory and the ability to deal with daily tasks, but also because there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how Alzheimer’s works, what causes it, and what might slow it down or reverse it.

The huge market and the huge human need keeps researchers going, of course — and it keeps pharmaceutical companies investing, even after decades of billion-dollar losses on failed late stage Alzheimer’s Drugs from some of the biggest companies in pharmaceuticals… hope springs eternal, thankfully, so hopefully we’ll soon see some far better drugs or treatments as our largest generation heads into its high-risk Alzheimer’s years.

And Dave Lashmet is pitching an Alzheimer’s Breakthrough to entice subscribers to sign up for Stansberry’s Investment Advisory … so what is it that he’s talking about? Here’s a bit from the order form:

“Profit from the Greatest Medical Breakthrough of the 21st Century

“By July 16th, we expect a major announcement on the biggest breakthrough for Alzheimer’s Disease EVER. Investors who get in before this date stand to gain the most — but you must act now…”

And Lashmet says he’ll be at the meeting in London where the latest news on this breakthrough is announced, and will be reporting directly to subscribers… but it’s also an ad for Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, not for Lashmet’s much more expensive Stansberry Venture newsletter, so presumably it’s a pretty large company (generally, they use their pricier newsletters to recommend smaller, more obscure or more illiquid stocks).

He refers to the drug as “B-37”, and this is the sum-up from the order page:

“Once an announcement is made, this stock could move quickly. All you need is a standard brokerage account to get started….

“Why the science behind B-37 is different than any treatment for Alzheimer’s before.
Our top medical and financial analyst, Dave Lashmet, dedicated four years of his life to tracking this new drug, meeting with the top neurologists in North America, PhDs at Harvard, and scientists from the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world. You’ll find out why this drug works while hundreds before it have failed.”

So that’s probably enough to feed into the Thinkolator, but let’s check a few more clues…

He shows a series of MRI scan images of brains with “before” and “after” images of the plaque that is believed to cause Alzheimer’s Disease, with this sum-up….

“Notice, the plaque is all but gone in everyone, except the person who got no drug.

“These results are unprecedented in the history of treating this disease.

“Patients taking this new treatment wiped away 20 years’ worth of Alzheimer’s plaque in just 12 months.”

So… that sounds pretty exciting, and it did indeed get plenty of doctors excited and hopeful, there are several quotes from experts in the field about how promising and significant those results were (more on that in a moment).

And we’re also told that this drug is getting the green light treatment from regulators:

“This new blockbuster drug has already received what’s known as “Fast Track” designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so it can move through clinical trials quickly and get in the hands of patients who desperately need it.

“The European Medicines Agency granted it an even higher status — “PRIME” — for priority medication. It means European regulators will help oversee these trials.

“Keep in mind: This is the first and only neurology treatment to ever receive this relatively new program’s PRIME designation.”

So we’re really left with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to this “secret” stock, and I suspect many of you have already identified it… but here’s one more bit:

“The company behind this new drug is going ‘all-in’ to prepare for future sales. They know they’ve got a game-changer in the first drug to successfully treat Alzehimer’s.

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“For example, the company started by buying up a $75 million factory in North Carolina to jump-start production. And they recently broke ground on a $1.4 billion plant to produce the drug on a massive scale.”

So who are we being teased about here? This is biotech giant Biogen Idec (BIIB), which has grown over the past decade mos