Friday File: Markman’s $5 “Next Cisco”

What's the teased "$5 Stock Set To Grow 18x In The Tiny Supercomputers Revolution?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 28, 2019

Happy Friday, friends! I don’t have any big news on the Real Money Portfolio to dig into at the moment (though the updated portfolio is here, FYI), so I’ll spend my Friday time with you sifting through another teaser pitch and getting you some answers… then we’ll get to a couple quick updates and thoughts on other stocks. Ready?

The ad is for Jon Markman’s PowerElite service, which he says has a “retail price” of $228 but is “on sale” for $29/year at the moment (presumably it autorenews at full price after a year).

Here’s the top of the ad, which I saw for the first time a couple days ago:

“Massive revolution started in $5 trillion retail sector …

“A rollout even bigger than smartphones — with huge profits of 1,800% possible for investors in one tiny $5 stock”

Anything that pitches a huge opportunity and “one tiny stock” tends to get the attention of Gumshoe readers… so what is this one?

The ad uses the term “Tiny Supercomputers” to describe the world of networked “smart” machines that is being enabled by 5G and “Internet of Things” technologies, and Markman believes there’s one key company that will be the “next Cisco” of this “tiny supercomputers” business.

More from the ad:

“One tiny $5 stock providing crucial technology to this “tiny supercomputer” revolution just doubled in price. And — as you’re about to see — it’s just getting started.”

This is somehow related to the cashier-less Amazon Go stores that have gotten a lot of press, apparently, but it’s not just an Amazon Go story…

“What the media is missing is that this isn’t about Amazon at all.

“What the media has missed so far is that the technology behind these stores — especially a critical element I call “tiny supercomputers” — is already starting a massive revolution across the entire $5-trillion American retail industry (and beyond).”

And the promise is pretty wacky, as usual:

“In fact, I see an opportunity to multiply your money up to 18-times in one little $5 stock. As the world wakes up to what could be the biggest transformation in the history of retail. And then as this revolution spreads to industry after industry.”

He posits this as being like investing in Microsoft in 1986, Cisco in 1990 or Amazon in 2002… which certainly provides for some drool-worthy charts, though survivorship bias kicks ...

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