“One Silicon Valley Company Set to Release an Advanced New Technology by March 31”

What's the stock Bill Patalon is teasing for insider buying and 553% gains?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 2, 2016

This ad is a re-hashing of a recommendation that Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing was touting back in October of 2015 — so I’m re-publishing the piece below so you can see the details about the company. It has not been updated or revised since 10/30/15.

The ad has changed considerably since last Fall — back then, it was touted as “Trump’s Infrastructure Play” and they were arguing that Donald Trump had made a huge bet on this particular “secret” company (he hasn’t, not really — and he might not own it at all anymore, though it was in his limited financial disclosures last year… though there’s never been any indication that Trump is a particularly impressive stock market investor, so I don’t know why we’d care).

Now, though the “special report” they’re selling is still called “How To Pocket 553% Gains On Donald Trump’s Stealth $15 Billion Infrastructure Play,” they’re expanding on that and trying to push the idea that this company is on the cusp of a major new change as they release “an Advanced New Technology by March 31.” They also say that it’s a favorite of most politicians, not just Donald Trump…

“Donald Trump… Hillary Clinton… Jeb Bush… and 74 Members of Congress… are all stealthily involved in…

“One Silicon Valley Company Set to Release an Advanced New Technology by March 31.
“Insiders have set themselves up to make untold riches on this $15 billion initiative.

“In my urgent briefing, I show how you can get in the potential windfall…”

So that’s the idea — and yes, the “Advanced New Technology” is being rolled out more aggressively this year, after success in pilot programs with many customers, but there’s nothing magic about the March 31 date and no indication that there will be a sudden “windfall” from this technology.

OK, fine, yes, we’ll spill the surprise before I send you down into last Fall’s article — the “Advanced New Technology” they’re talking about is Predix, GE’s new technology infrastructure for their “internet of things” offerings, and they’re teasing an investment in GE (GE). Which is now within a few cents of where it traded when this ad campaign started (and my article first appeared).

More details? Here’s that original article….

—from 10/30/15—

This ad about a “Donald Trump investment” is sending a lot of questions our way, so we’re going to take a look at it for you in today’s Friday File… here’s how Bill Patalon’s ad for his $20/month Private Briefing opens…

“The $57 Trillion ‘Make America Great Again’ Profit Play

“Donald Trump is Talking Infrastructure — and We Show You How You Can Play It for Gains Up to 553%”

Why Trump?

“Let me be clear: I don’t work for Donald Trump or his campaign. And I don’t care one iota whether you love – or loathe – him.

“I’m only reaching out to you today because I’ve looked into his financial records… and I’ve discovered a huge opportunity.”

(And, one gathers, because you know The Donald is in the headlines and that will make it more likely that your demographic — people who have some money to invest and who are old enough that they actually are likely to be voters — will read your email ad… lots of newsletters pitch the “secret” investing ideas of politicians mostly because those politicians are polarizing figures and give you a better chance of having your email read.)

But interestingly enough, it’s not just a “Trump” pitch here from Bill Patalon, it’s also an insider buying pitch … which might be a little bit more compelling. Here’s what he says:

“Trump has built a massive position in one company.

“It’s a firm that happens to be at the center of one of the biggest insider buying binges I’ve ever seen…

“One of its top directors recently dropped $20 million on 800,000 shares of his company’s stock.

“And he wasn’t alone.

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