What’s this “Space-Net” that’s Crowdability’s “#1 Trade for 2021?”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 7, 2020

Space is hot among investors again, so we’ve seen quite a few teaser pitches about various space launch and satellite tech companies over the past year or so… but this one is a little different, and seemed worth a fresh look.

Matt Milner at Crowdability is pitching an “Urgent Briefing” about something he calls “Space-Net”… here’s how he introduces it:

“One tiny company could help you turn every $100 you invest into as much as $48,750 — starting as soon as Jan 14, 2021!”

And apparently that’s some kind of hard deadline…

“… this opportunity will disappear, for good, on Jan 14, 2021.”

So what’s the deal? He’s selling subscriptions to his premium newsletter called Private Market Profits ($1,500/yr, they say they’ll offer a full refund for the first 30 days — so that’s good, and unusual for a high-priced newsletter recently)… and the bait he’s dangling is this private “kill your hated telecom provider from space” investment… here’s how he begins to describe it…


“As you’re about to learn, this is one of the first space-based internet technologies.

“And today, you have the chance to claim a ground floor stake in the company behind it! ….

“In other words, you’ll be getting into this company at its earliest stages…

“Well before its IPO.”

What on earth is a “space-based internet technology,” you ask? Here’s how Milner puts it…

“… this company is developing a technology I believe will transform the telecom and cable industry…

“Essentially, thanks to this company’s revolutionary new ‘Space-Net’ technology, you could be able to access high-speed internet from ANYWHERE in the world.

“Not only that, but you could get this global internet access:

“At 12x the speed of your current provider.

“For 90% less than what you’re currently paying.

“And because it could be beamed to you from space, it could give you perfect coverage no matter where you are!

“That could mean coverage in every nook and cranny of the entire world.”

Ah, so that’s very similar to the many past “you’re about to get cheap internet service from satellite” pitches we’ve seen, from Ray Blanco’s Halo-Fi and Apple-Fi to the other similar plays on high-profile low earth orbit satellite constellations from Spacex’s Starlink, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, or OneWeb… most of the time those end up being pitches about companies that provide equipment for those satellite systems, or launch technology.

And, of course, that dream of 90% cheaper internet at 12X current speed seems to apply only to the folks tho are paying $1,000/month or more for low-quality satellite internet — Starlink and the other new satellite data services are likely to be priced similarly to cable broadband and offer a similar quality product, maybe a little faster, it’s just that they’ll reach lots of people who aren’t able to get cable broadband currently.

But, it turns out, this is something else, borrowing the big picture theme from those “Starlink” type pitches while focusing on a different kind of invstment… and yet, it also sounds familiar.

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Here’s the promise being made by Milner:

“Not only does it deliver a far superior product and service…

“But it also does it at a far better price.

“That’s why we predict this company could capture the lion’s share of the $2.7 trillion telecom and cable market…

“And when it does…

“It could help you turn every $100 you invest into $48,750.”

And then they start dropping some real clues… which means we start to get a clearer picture, and it’s one we’ve seen before.

Here are a couple of those clues:

“NASA invested $2 million in this company and confirms it’s ‘the first internet service provider in space.’

“Sir Richard Branson, the eccentric billionaire founder of Virgin Galactic, has already signed contracts to use this technology.

“Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon.com, loves this technology so much… he attached it to his rocket.”

And they show a photo of Bezos celebrating at a Blue Origin launch, with the founder of “today’s New Mexico company” as one more hint… so yes, we know what this is. And it’s been teased before.

Not ringing a bell yet? Here’s one more clue:

“In the very near future, demand for this tiny company’s technology could soar.
You see, Bezos, Branson and NASA are at the forefront of the new ‘space race’…

“All of them have billions invested in projects that are aiming to redefine space travel and industry…

“And they know that as we send more and more devices and people into space, we’ll need an easy and fast way for all of them to communicate…

“In other words, we’ll need internet access in space.

“Which is why I believe that the demand for “space-based” internet connectivity is about to increase exponentially.

“And this tiny company’s technology could be the backbone for ‘space-based’ internet.

“In fact, it’s already proven that its technology works by sending the first “tweet” on Twitter from outside the earth’s atmosphere.”

Just about a year ago, this same company was teased in a pitch, also from Crowdability, where they were advertising a special online course about h