The “Tiny Dot” Being Promoted as “The Internet’s Biggest Secret” by Profit Catalyst Alert

What stock is Linda McDonough hinting at?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 1, 2016

This is a great ad, because it both gets us shaken up about “secret” technologies that the world’s largest companies are using to take control of your computer… and it gets us revved up a bout the “shocking story” of how we can “turn the tables” and “ride this invention to gains of up to 4,778%.”

Sounds like fun, right?

The ad is from Linda McDonough for a newsletter called Profit Catalyst Alert, put out by Investing Daily, and she catches our attention with a “tiny dot” that she says is all over the internet… on every website from to Amazon to Google.

What? A tiny dot? And it’s on your phone, too, and on your tablet? What the heck?

Don’t worry, the “dot” is just a convenient way of describing internet tracking, which is mostly enabled by cookies (software that websites put into your browser so they know where you’ve been, and if you’ve visited their site before). Sure, lots of people don’t like it… but it’s been around for as long as consumers have been using the internet, and the various tracking technologies continue to get more sophisticated in the service of both convenience and user service and, much more importantly, advertising and improving the conversion rate in the sales process.

Here’s a bit of the ad, to give you a sense of how McDonough is selling this idea:

“Hidden in plain sight.

“Think about that for just a moment.

“Google delivers search results over 100 billion times a month.

“Every single time someone goes to their site to look for something…

“And every single time Google displays the results…

“This mysterious dot shows up.

“And someone makes money.

“That’s trillions upon trillions of times.

“Yet I’m betting only one out of every 1,000,000 people who use Google even know it’s there.

“And there’s a reason for that.

“The dot I’m talking about is tiny.

“So much so, that it’s not visible to the naked eye.”

So how is it that this dot is going to make us rich? More from the ad:

“It’s the key to unlocking a $3.5 trillion fortune.

“This technology could change your financial future in a drastically positive way.

“I promise you, that’s not a hunch. Or wishful thinking.

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“The use of these powerful little dots is already so widespread that I guarantee there are thousands of them working on your screen right now.”

That’s probably true. I don’t know if there are thousands of tracking instances working to keep an eye on you right now, but I know WordPress, which is the software we use to run Stock Gumshoe, inserts cookies on machines to help with logins… and I’m sure most of our advertising partners also use cookies and other tracking software unless your browser settings restrict that kind of tracking, and most of us do have thousands of cookies on our computers that tell part of the history of our web browsing behavior. You’re likely seeing ads on this page that are specific to you, they’re probably not the same ads that the other couple hundred folks who might be looking at this article at the same time are seeing because they’re colored by what the ad servers see in your cookies abo