What’s this hinted at “Profit Line” recommendation for tomorrow?

What's being teased with the email subject line, "NEW: $4 Pot Stock Recommendation Going Live, Tomorrow!"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 10, 2019

A quickie for you today, since a few folks have asked…

One of the seemingly 10,000 Banyan Hill newsletters is being teased today, and the bait they’re dangling is that Jeff Yastine is about to recommend a stock to his subscribers on Wednesday… which is tomorrow, so we’ll be brief so you can have some time to think before this momentous event occurs.

And yes, fine, I should be accurate — Banyan Hill currently says they publish 29 newsletters and trading services, of which Jeff Yastine is the headline guy for three. This particular ad is for Yastine’s Profit Line, which is apparently aimed at identifying stocks with insider buying or something similar — the presentation with these purported “blue line” indications for buying seems pretty malarkey-ish, mostly because anyone can go back in time and mine the data to find some huge winners and identify a preceding “event” that helped move the stock (it’s finding the future ones that’s hard, not the past ones).

But I don’t know much about this particular newsletter, other than that it just launched (they’re looking for “Charter Members,” which means the claims they make of performance are presumably all back-testing results), and that they’re charging a very high price for something that is brand new and has no track record ($1,995, which they say is “half price”… with no refunds — they have the ever-popular “if you don’t like it, we’ll give you another year free!” guarantee).

So… we’ll just focus on ID’ing the teased pick they’re promising to release tomorrow… ready?

So, what clues do we get?

This is from one of the emails I received, this time from Matt Badiali (who himself has four newsletters over at Banyan Hill and has touted a few pot stocks in his day)…

“Don’t miss tomorrow’s hot, new recommendation…

“It’s a $4 cannabis stock that could easily go on to trade for $40 in the next year.”

And, this is the part that caught my eye, it’s not really a pot company — apparently it’s a supplier to the industry:

“Instead, it’s a kind of ‘warehouse’ store — similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Costco — but it caters to the cannabis industry.”

I imagine we all know how tough the retail business is… but still, selling grow lights has to be less risky than trying to profit from growing marijuana yourself, right? It’s the ol’ “picks and shovels” idea (selling equipment to the prospectors, instead of digging for gold yourself).

Any other clues? We do get this…

“A former CEO of one of these major ‘superstores’ recently joined the team.”

And, of course, there’s that “patented profit line” business…

“His patent pending stock indicator — the ‘profit line’ — recently identified a ‘hidden’ pile of money at this company that almost nobody else seems to be paying attention to.”

So…. who is it? Thinkolator sez this recommendation is almost certainly going to be… GrowGeneration (GRWG), wh