Investigating Mampilly’s pitch about a “12 million mile battery” from Tesla’s “employee #7”

What's the "No 1 Stock for America's New Energy Revolution" breakthrough being touted by Profits Unlimited?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 10, 2020

This article was originally published on April 23, 2020, when we first saw the ads from Paul Mampilly — most recently this has been more aggressively pitched with the idea of the “12 million mile battery,” so we’re re-posting our solution for you.  The ad has not changed and is still dated April 2020, and what follows is also unchanged from when we first published.

This teaser ad from Paul Mampilly is a bit of a bait and switch, primarily teasing a specific company that you really can’t invest in directly, so that’s your warning up front… but we’ll dig through the ad and see what he’s talking about.

Here’s the beginning of the ad:

“The No. 1 Stock for America’s New Energy Revolution

“America’s getting a potential $51 trillion ‘Energy Upgrade’ … and one company at the forefront could:

“Keep an extra $4,400 in your pocket each year — without you making a single investment… And create more new millionaire investors over the next decade than any other industry.”

And here’s a bit from an email I got from Jeff Yastine introducing Mampilly’s ad:

“… one tiny pioneering American company.

“It holds 100 patents on a made-in-America device that is going to reset the entire power market.


“We go from paying utility bills every month…

“To endless energy, on demand, 24/7. Energy that never runs out. Energy we can generate from home.

“All while slashing your monthly power bill by 70%, 80%, even 100%.

“That’s what this company’s device does.”

So that’s the big focus of this ad, this breakthrough technology that is going to change the world. What is it?


Yep, it’s another “next generation battery” teaser pitch. But this one is both about the general idea of distributed energy storage, and about a specific new technology that will make it explode nationwide because it’s more efficient. Which is a lot to put on one company, but that’s the magic of the teaser ad: They sell you on a fantastical trend which is real, like the advances in battery storage and battery technology being made by hundreds of companies, and then skip over the hard stuff and leave you with the feeling that there’s one company they’ve identified who will somehow “own” this trend and make you rich.

And as with every compelling teaser ad, there’s a “Number one stock” hiding in the hints. This is how Mampilly hints at it…

“My No. 1 Stock pick – the future of batteries: a company producing THE critical missing link that every battery needs to power cars and homes in the new age of energy storage.”

This is a tease for Mampilly’s entry level mass-market newsletter, Profits Unlimited (currently $47), so you can be pretty sure he’s not talking up a penny stock or something that’s difficult to trade. But what else do we learn about this secret stock?

Not much at first, so let’s get back to the “big picture” technology story — Mampilly builds this ad around the notion that the future of energy is cheap and renewable because of battery storage, and starts it out with the brand-name connection to Tesla (TSLA), which introduced the flashiest grid-scale storage system last year, called the Tesla Megapack, predicted to take the world of grid storage by storm… but, says Mampilly, that’s not the end of the story…

“… the experts are wrong!

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“Because the Tesla Megapack is NOT the final energy solution we are looking for.

“As impressive as it is … the future of energy fits inside THIS box….

“the tiny device in this box right here, sitting on this table, can hold the same amount of power as the Megapack!

“Imagine a few of these powering a whole city just like a power plant … virtually free of charge.

“And not in some hypothetical future. It’s rolling out to manufacturers at this very moment…

“And here’s the thing…

“The technology behind this is NOT the lithium battery, solar panels or any clean energy you’ve ever heard of.

“Today, I’ll show you the secret inside this device … a technology so powerful t