Mampilly’s “America 2.0” and his “#1 Stock for 2021”

Is this small South Carolina disruptor "ready to take off" for 1,000% gains? What's being teased in the ads for Mampilly's Profits Unlimited?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 2, 2020

I published an article on January 13, 2020 about Mampilly’s “America 2.0” pitch and his “#1 Stock for 2020”, and though that ad is largely unchanged we’re seeing it a lot again now — most recently, the ads from Banyan Hill now say that this is “My No. 1 Stock for 2021,” and present this rerun “interview” as if it’s new and exciting.

So yes, this is now pitched as the number one stock of next year, but the actual ad itself still carries a January 2020 date and is essentially unchanged. Let’s look it over again and see if we can find any changes, and I’ll update my thinking on the stock being teased.

Here’s a Mampilly quote from the email intro to the ad, which I received several times in recent weeks:

“… it’s not just the Dow that could climb to 100,000. Real estate will double. That’s why I call this new era America 2.0. And this company is at the forefront of it all. The stock is a steal at $10.”

The “America 2.0” part of the pitch can only be described as “big patriotic optimism” — he thinks we’re at the point of beginning a new huge wave higher for the US economy as demographics, capital availability, and the “economic velocity” in the economy converge to generate big growth.

No mention is made of the coronavirus, since the interview actually took place well before anyone had heard of that virus and certainly before it brought a crushingly fast recession to our shores… which in retrospect as an investor is just fine, since the Dow has now recovered its coronavirus collapse, but he apparently still thinks this next wave of innovation will bring the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 50,000 and eventually 100,000, and will help real estate double “in the months to come.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average right now is just trying to break through 30,000, it’s within about 5% of where it was when this “interview” with Mampilly first ran in January of this year.

He may end up being right, I have no idea [ed. note: so far, he hasn’t been — unless “months to come” means “more than 11 months”], but what piqued my interest was his pitch about a special report that he’ll be providing to new subscribers:

“It reveals my No. 1-rated stock. It’s a little-known company that isn’t just positioned to profit from America 2.0 … it will be essential to building America 2.0.”

So that’s what we’re looking for today… what clues does he drop for us in his “special presentation?”

“… tell us more about this company, and why you think it will soar 1,000%.

“Paul: Sure. It’s a relatively small company based in South Carolina … valued at just $1 billion… But, it’s disrupting a $2.2 trillion industry… manufacturing.

“Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy, really. America is no different.

“Here’s the thing … since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line to the auto indu