What’s Chris Wood’s 2,000% “SuperDisruptor” Born from a March 30 Merger?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 18, 2020

I’ve been knocked out by a non-coronavirus illness for the past couple days, and I have to tell you, that’s probably the best thing that could have happened for my sanity — watching the stock tickers fly by and freaking out at the constant stream of COVID-19 news is not the best way to keep a level head right now. Maybe my 36 hours of painful meditation as I hugged the toilet bowl was a blessing in disguise.

Too much information? Sorry, let’s get on to the topic du jour — despite the panic, despite the market’s crash, there are still folks trying to sell us their money-making ideas, and God bless them for it… this one is from Chris Wood, and he’s selling his “Project 5X” service by dangling the bait of his “free” (with subscription) report, “The Tiny Media Superdisruptor that Could Hand You 2,000% Profits in 2020.”

So that’s what we’ll be looking into today — what is this little Superdisruptor stock?

And no, it’s probably not going to be a shocking surprise to those of you who’ve already done some digging — we had a few readers post likely solutions in our discussion areas on the site over the past few days, and most of them were right… but that’s OK, I’ll look into it anyway and see what I find.

The ad, which was initially for a “urgent briefing” on March 16 but is now being circulated as a rerun, starts out like this:

“This tiny stock has locked down the “missing link” in America’s hottest tech (NOT 5G). A 2,000% profit windfall is coming… and $10 is all you need to get in before March 30 trigger date.”

It won’t surprise you that numbers Chris Wood collected in the days before his presentation on Monday are now a bit out of date — with the crash in stock prices you could theoretically say now that “$5 is all you need” to get in, though that, of course, is for a single share of stock. And while it’s nice to get huge gains, the initial investment matters — even if the headlines from the ad turn out to be prescient, and you eventually get 2,000% returns from this company, starting out with $5 would not do you much good. Turning $5 into $105 isn’t likely to be life-changing for someone who’s considering ponying up $2,597 for a newsletter subscription.

Public Service Announcement here, by the way: When you consider subscribing to research and advisory services, make sure to think of the cost in relation to your portfolio size — that will help put it in context for you, kind of like the way we think about management fees for mutual funds. If you’re considering investing $200,000 in small-cap “disruptive” ideas, then perhaps spending $2,597 a year is rational for a service that can guide you to those ideas, assuming you like the service… if you’re thinking of investing $20,000 in those kinds of stocks, then that money represents more than 10% of your investment and that’s an absurdly high “fee” to pay for research.

The spiel from wood here is that there’s a “urgent, game-changing tech announcement” tied to a SEC document that he “waited 8 years to get his hands on.” Here’s another little taste:

“… SEC document #17d8k.

“This document contains an urgent, game-changing tech announcement.

“One that confirms the single greatest moneymaking event I’ve seen in my career is here.

“A small-cap stock is set to soar 2,000%.

“This new opportunity has nothing to do with 5G… and is in fact FAR more urgent than 5G.

“Within 12 months, this $10 stock could turn a tiny stake into an entire nest egg.

“This is much bigger than when I recommended Amazon and Google nearly a decade ago…”

And apparently, though this was disclosed in an SEC filing so we all can know about it, this is somehow “secret”…

“To 99.99% of people, what I’m about to tell you is a complete secret.

“Because the name of the company is literally confidential.

“No, I’m not talking about an IPO or a private company.

“It’s a tiny stock that trades on the NYSE… whose name has not been disclosed publicly.”

What? Disclosed by who? There’s no such thing as a “secret” company without a name. That just sounds dumb, but we’ll let it pass for now — what else are we told about this “superdisruptor?”

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