“SEC Lifts ‘Blackout’ … Unlocks access to a $3.2-billion solar portfolio” (Wall Street Daily)

Sniffing out the solution to the "RED BULLETIN" teaser from Wall Street Daily's Publisher Series

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 17, 2014

This appears to be the “hot” story of the day, given the number of alert Gumshoe readers who have been forwarding it along (you can always submit your teasers, too, or forward them to ILoveStockSpam[at]gmail.com — the more the merrier!) — it’s from Wall Street Daily and is selling their Publisher’s Series as a quarterly offering for $7.95.

So this is not a particularly expensive newsletter — it’s cheaper than our own premium service (the Irregulars, which a select few of you have already joined), but should we sign up for $32 a year to find out what the stock is? Or should we just do some figuring and find out what it is on our own?

I think you know what my answer is — subscribe to their newsletter if you want to, but figure out something about the stock or strategy first so you can think about it more rationally. Don’t ever subscribe to anything just to discover a “secret” … if you do, you’ll not only be paying for something you might be able to learn about on your own, but, perhaps more importantly, you’ll be subconsciously driving yourself to believe in the “secret” because you paid for it. No one wants to sign up for a newsletter, get their “red hot” special report, and then say “meh, not a great invetment for me” … your brain works against you, imbuing the paid-for information with far greater importance. Even if it is only eight bucks a quarter.

Same goes with our premium stuff, by the way — it’s not necessarily better or more predictive than all the free stuff you’ll read, it’s just more fuel for you to shovel into the boiler. I hope it helps, but I’m not consciously being “smarter” when I write specifically for the Irregulars.

But anyway, you’re here to find out which solar stock Robert Williams is pitching as the subject of his RED BULLETIN that will be TAKEN DOWN AT MIDNIGHT! Yikes! Better hurry!

Here’s how he pitches this “reject” stock that he thinks will do well:

“Wall Street ‘Rejects’ Clobber The Market

“Everyday investors are seeing 142%… 306%… and even some ‘moon shot’ gains like 629%…

“All from opportunities Wall Street insiders utterly reject as ‘not worth their time or money.’

“Now a new Wall Street ‘reject’ promises to soar….

“Normally, it’s the Wall Street insiders who make the big money on the backs of the ‘little guy.’

“But here, the little guy is coming out on top.

Who doesn’t find that appealing? He then runs through a litany of “reject” stocks that shot up dramatically with 100%+ gains, and claims that “almost every one” does fantastically…

“Just this year alone, more than nine blockbuster “rejects” have debuted, and at least 55 more are in