“$32 Fuel Conversion Stock to $64 by July 7” Navellier

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 22, 2008

I won’t be able to give this one the full Gumshoe treatment today, but it seems to me that every adult American received Louis Navellier’s latest advertising email over the last day or two … so I thought you’d like to know the company he’s teasing.

The ad is for a company that works to expand Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) usage in the transportation sector, as a cleaner replacement fuel. Well, to be clear, the ad is for Navellier’s Quantum Growth newsletter, but the stock he’s teasing is related to CNG.

And he promises that the stock will double in the next two weeks, or your money back.

“All thanks to this company’s breakthrough fuel injection systems that convert $4-a-gallon gas guzzlers into 63-cent-a-gallon clean air machines.

“Buy this one stock today and I guarantee you’ll thank me a thousand times on July 7th —or you won’t pay a dime.”

Now, I think I’ve made clear that I’ll make no such promises about a stock doubling. But I will tell you what this one is, for the low, low, price of nothin’.

If you want to know how Navellier’s last short-term prediction played out, you can read my writeup from a couple weeks back — that stock was going to double, too … hasn’t quite gotten there yet, but it actually did have a nice run last week. We’ll see how it does now if Navellier’s readers get shaken out by the passage of his June 20th deadline.

And as I noted in that writeup, Navellier loses nothing if his “guarantee” doesn’t play out — he, like most publishers, offers money-back guarantees during a trial period anyway, so this is just a fancier way of saying the same thing. And it certainly got the attention of a lot more people, if my mailbox is any indication. He’s putting his reputation on the line in a limited way, I suppose, but if any of these big publishers are worried about ruining their investing reputation due to aggressive email marketing, I’m afraid that ship sailed long ago.

So anyway, here’s how Navellier teases this one:

“There’s a fuel conversion revolution at hand, and there’s simply no stopping it.

“The biggest profit taker of all will be a little known fuel conversion company that converts American gas guzzlers into clean burning compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles—in the time it takes to service your car.

“Please add it to your holdings today.

“Our research indicates that when the company’s 2ND quarter earnings are released, the company’s past 511% earnings growth will not only go supersonic but also make the company’s past 90-day 200% gains look like a drop in the bucket.”

So … I can’t go deep into this company’s books at the moment due to lack of time, but I didn’t want to delay in telling you that the name of this firm is …

Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS)

This one is smaller than the average Navellier pick, so it may well get a boost from his recommendation if he keeps emailing everyone over and over about it — it’s about a $500 million company. They are involved in alternative fuel systems, primarily in natural gas, and they are profitable but expensively valued. Other than the fact that the shares have already tripled in the last couple months, I know precious little about them.

So … no great insight here, but at least you’ve got the name … go forth, researchify, and share with us what you think. I would not be surprised to see this one keep running with Navellier’s mighty promotional machine behind it, like GTE did for a little while, but I have no idea why the company’s stock has tripled — or whether that nice mountain on the stock chart might soon crumble, so be careful.


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