“Today’s $16 Tech Stock to Hit $30 With or Without You” — Navellier’s Graphene Chip Stock Revealed

Friday File Look at Navellier's non-mining play on Graphene

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 7, 2011

Today for our Monday version of the Friday File (delayed, as I intimated last week in our abbreviated Friday commentary, by a brain sprain here at Gumshoe HQ) I want to take a look at a Navellier teaser.

Not because the teaser itself is so unique or exciting — it’s not, it’s the same basic “this stock will double with or without you” teaser ad that he’s used for years, just with a different stock.

No, I was interested because the promise is that Navellier’s got an idea on how to profit from new graphene technology that’s at what I think will end up being the profitable end of the production chain — not the raw material mining, which we’ve seen teased a few times (most recently by Byron King here) but creating and selling something more value-added like the finished nanomaterial.

So that’s why I wanted to look into it — shall we see if the stock is worthy of our attention? Step one: figure out who Navellier is teasing. The pitch is similar to Byron King’s graphene ad:

“Today’s $16 Tech Stock to Hit $30 With or Without You

“All thanks to this company’s ‘miracle material’ that conducts electricity 30 times faster than silicon — the industry standard used in all semiconductors that are found in nearly every electronic device.

“Buy this one today, and I guarantee you’ll thank me 1,000 times on November 31st.”

More? I thought you’d never ask!

“… my top tech trade has already handed investors 105% in 12 months—and in the face of historic market volatility.

“How can this be?

“Because this company knows how to manipulate a one-atom-thick layer of carbon that can conduct electricity 30 times faster than silicon—approaching the speed of light! This breakthrough will change the way computers are made for generations as it replaces silicon and countless other industry standards.”

We get some more clues about the stock too — 649% earnings growth, order backlog up 376% over last year, doubling operations to meet demand, stock price up 105% over the last 12 months on 122% earnings growth. Not bad.

And we’re also told that it’s going to report earnings … on August 11. So someone forgot to update the teaser ad. Don’t worry, later in the pitch he notes that they’ll declare earnings on November 14. So that’s another clue to feed ...

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