“Kings of Canadian Cannabis” — Michael Robinson’s “$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year” Marijuana Teaser

What's being teased by Radical Technology Profits for the Oct. 17 Canadian legalization of recreational marijuana?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 20, 2018

Michael Robinson runs the technology/venture newsletters for Money Map Press, and he’s out with yet another marijuana promo — after all, any newsletter that doesn’t jump on board the marijuana stock rocket is deemed pretty much irrelevant these days, just like any newsletter without a “crypto expert” was ignored in January.

So yes, now Michael Robinson is being touted as “America’s leading Cannabis Investment Expert” (the capital letters make it real, right?) And they’re selling Radical Technology Profits ($1,950, nonrefundable — though there is a “after a year, if none of these stocks went up 10X, you can call to request a refund” promise) by offering to reveal three “Cannabis Kings” that might turn your small investment into millions.

Which, of course, is the dream every speculator has today, after watching the crazy gains that we’ve seen in several of the big marijuana stocks over the past few months and, most recently, the news coverage of the ludicrous Tilray (TLRY) stock spike.

Did you see that one? Tilray is the newly US-listed Canadian medical marijuana company that went from a $2 billion valuation to a $20 billion valuation over the past month on the strength of a tiny float and a huge surge of investor enthusiasm, with intra-day $5-10 billion moves earlier this week and a crazy up-100% down-50% day on Wednesday. Completely nutty and divorced from reality, of course… but still, if you traded the stock and sold to book those gains, your cash is real.

So what is it that Robinson is promising? He talks up three “Cannabis Kings” in the ad…

“There Are Three Companies in Particular I Want to Highlight for You Right Now.

“These Are the Ones I Think Will Hand You a Massive Chunk of That Money.”

And, in what seems to have caught the eye of Gumshoe readers…

“… the first company could make $1 billion before New Year’s Day.”

Presumably that’s $1 billion for them, not for us, but still… that’s a lotta money, right?

So what do we get in the way of clues about this first “Cannabis King?”

The ad says this company is an existing greenhouse operator, they sell bell peppers and other produce that they grow in their greenhouses across Canada. Including, apparently, one that’s poised to be switched over to marijuana cultivation…

“… state-of-the-art, 10.5 million square-foot hydroponic greenhouse in Western Canada.

“It’s roughly the size of 95 football stadiums.”

And part of Robinson’s spiel is that the company already has these greenhouses, and is ready to go, and can make much higher profit margins just by switching from peppers to pot…

“… last year, the company sold $155 million worth of its vegetables to grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada….

“They Are Moving from $2-a-Pound Peppers to Growing Cannabis That’s Worth More Than $2,000 a Plant.”

A few other clues:

“… they’ll be able to grow 75,000 kilograms a year.

“At a government-approved retail price of $8 per gram for recreational marijuana, that’s $600 million worth of marijuana.

“But that’s just the beginning.

“Because in anticipation of the October 17 date, they’ve earmarked another 3.7 million square feet of greenhouse space for cannabis cultivation.

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“When it’s all said and done, they’ll be able to grow as much as 300,000 kilograms of marijuana every year.”

OK, so that’s $2.4 million worth of pot at retail prices, assuming that $8/gram is what we’re working with in Canada. That is pretty close to what people are paying now, according to Statistics Canada (average for the country is C$6.82 right now), though much of that is still black market so who knows how good the data is (it’s crowdsourced). Pricing will be regulated and licensing and distribution will be controlled on the provincial level, apparently, and the go