“Living Metal… Tiny Company has Monopoly… $141,478 for a Thimbleful”

Checking out Michael Robinson's teaser for the "The Medical Discovery of the Century"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 12, 2014

Ok, this is definitely the “most requested” ad over the last 24 hours — I can’t tell you how many folks have asked your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe to look into “Living Metal,” but the list is getting loooong.

And we are, of course, happy to oblige.

The pitch is from Michael Robinson for his Radical Technology Profits, and it’s not just about a hot new biotech company that has a cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s and all kinds of other diseases… it’s about a hot new biotech company that you can buy before it goes public through their Money Morning Prospectus! How exciting is that!?

Well, of course the answer is “super exciting, but usually stupid” … venture investors in biotech companies lose most of the time, just like most venture tech investors lose on most investments. They make it up with the few companies that do spectacularly well out of a hundred or more, of course, but developing a drug even to the point of approval for Phase 1 clinical trials can be incredibly expensive and time consuming — and Phase 1 is often five years or more before a company actually generates any revenue. The allure is always there because we imagine the vast riches from the folks who “get in early,” but unless you’re an expert and you’re “getting in early” on dozens of quality opportunities the odds are stacked pretty heavily against you.

So that’s the initial warning — and I have no idea yet whether Robinson is actually trying to do a private placement of shares, which would be a big and dangerous leap for a newsletter editor to take, or if he’s just trying to give you the impression that he’s going to get you “private” shares. We’ll see as we dig into the teaser.

Here’s how Robinson gets the juices flowing:

“A thimble full of this…

“Living Metal

“Sells for $141,748

“One tiny company has a monopoly on it
“It’s sales are set to surge 24,474% over the next 15 months
“And it could go public on the NASDAQ as soon as August 31”

And he uses the thimble imagery to help us understand just how valuable this stuff is … he says a thimble of gold would be $1,319, a thimble of platinum $1,437, a thimble of diamonds $11,581. And then…

“But it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what I’m going to show you today.

“Containing both biological and metallic properties, it’s classified as a Living Metal.

“And it can only be found in one small stretch of underwater territory, 14 miles off the coast of the Channel Islands.

“However, its scarcity is not why a thimble full of this Living Metal is currently selling for $141,748.”

So… the image of the bluish liquid and the Channel Islands reference is enough to tell us which company they’re teasing (and yes, it’s a public company — it’s just not on a major exchange), but we’ll let the suspense build for a few minutes…

More clues…

“An international panel of 15 doctors f