Robinson’s “$2 EV Stock Could Begin a 1,147% Gain Spree Just Days from Now”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 19, 2021

I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the past couple days about a “urgent buy alert” from Michael Robinson, who’s teasing his Nexus-9 Network service ($1,250, no refunds) with a pitch about a little $2 stock that’s going to come public in the US sometime soon.

And it comes with all the usual urgency and hoopla, of course…

“This May Be Your One and ONLY Shot!

“Once this tiny stock hits the Nasdaq…

“You could easily make 1,000% before the year’s end.

“But if you don’t act now, you WILL miss out.”

Well, maybe… but the number of folks who’ve made rash investment decisions based on that kind of thinking probably vastly outnumbers the folks who’ve made profits by throwing themselves at the “buy” button in the face of a marketing barrage.

What’s the story? We’re teased that this hot story is urgent (and yes, it’s dated “July 2021”), and it’s a company doing an uplisting on the Nasdaq, or at least a dual listing, and which therefore might reasonably be expected to go up in price.

This is pretty common, it is admittedly true that when a company from a smaller exchange, like Toronto or Australia or Amsterdam, lists its shares in New York, it typically benefits, especially if its in a sector where most of the buying and attention is focused on the US, like technology stocks. That doesn’t mean any old stock from a less-followed exchange will rise in value when it does an IPO in New York, but it’s certainly common to see such stocks “pop” in the US.

Since this is a “known known”, though, it’s also true that sometimes that “pop” comes earlier — if a lot of investors expect the stock to rise because of such pending news, well, sometimes they get that loft under the price before it even completes a US IPO. You can never know for sure until it’s all over.

Which one is Robinson talking up? Well, we get a few clues for you…

It trades at roughly $2 a share. And, probably more importantly, it has something to do with the still-hot electric vehicle (EV) space… here’s a little more from Robinson’s order form:

“… it’s leading the field in what’s becoming the massive, $100 BILLION EV battery component market.

“And by the way, I haven’t even told you the best part yet…

“Because believe it or not, this company’s battery component technology has much broader applications than just electric vehicles.

“The batteries made from these types of components are being used in everything from smartphones and solar panels… to medical equipment and emergency power grids.”

And he names a few of their customers:

“This company has also secured contracts with some of the biggest electronic companies in the WORLD…


“Apple… Panasonic… Microsoft… Dyson… Samsung… 3M… LG Chem… And Bosch…..

“… that’s in addition to the existing multiyear deals they already have with EV automakers Tesla, Ford, Honda, Toyota, GM, and Volkswagen.”

Sounds exciting, no? In the little “urgent” cell phone video he records he also includes a one-year candlestick chart for this stock, though the chart seems to end on about May 1. It shows a stock that rose 1,147%, from under 50 cents in early 2020 to a peak of $4 and change earlier this year and a current price of about $2.50 or so.

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So what is it? Well, thanks in part to the little chart that Robinson shows us in his video, the Thinkolator can confirm that Robinson is teasing a stock that has gotten the hot and heavy teaser push before from a different editor, this is the battery materials and testing company Novonix, teased by Ray Blanco a couple times over the past year because of their connection with Tesla.

And yes, Novonix is listed in Australia at