Solved: Robinson’s “Shape-Shifting ‘Smart Metal'” Tease for 4,000% Gains?

What's the "Secure Your Ground-Floor Stake in the X-31 Revolution" ad for Radical Technology Profits all about?

Whew, we’ve got another doozy today! Michael Robinson is peddling his Radical Technology Profits by hinting at another life-changing technology idea, all based on a “shape shifting” smart metal called X-31 that he says will replace silicon.

So, naturally, we want to dig in. As usual, we go in with eyes wide open, well aware that the compelling-sounding ideas and the math about 45,798% sales surges will be ridiculous… because sometimes, if you ignore the hyperbole, a rational person might find the actual stock being teased to be worthwhile. So we’ll go through the hype and the clues, see if we can name this “secret” stock for you (hint: yeah, we can), and give you a chance to think about it for yourself before throwing $1,950 at Money Map Press for this “limited time 500 slots only!” subscription.

Here’s what catches the eye first:

“This Shape-Shifting ‘Smart Metal’ Is Set to End Silicon’s 30-Year Reign… And Spark a 45,798% Sales Surge for a Tiny $7 Company!”

And some images of this miracle metal follow, with lots of exciting blather about it — here’s a small sampling, to give you an taste:

“It’s incredibly strong – watch what happens when I hit it with a hammer.

“Rock solid…

“And yet, when I pick it up…

“This chunk of solid metal literally SHAPE-SHIFTS in my hand….

“Within seconds, it transforms into a pool of liquid….

“… this metal is not steel…

“And it’s not mercury…

“Or iron…

“Or nickel…

“Or any other metal you’re familiar with.

“I’d wager that 99 folks out of 100 have NEVER heard of this metal.”

People are not terribly well-informed, so perhaps that’s true. Heck, 90 out of 100 might not know what nickel is if there wasn’t a little reminder in their pocket.

More hints and hyperbole….

“The U.S. Government calls it a ‘smart metal…’

“And, as you’ll see in a moment, it truly does possess an intelligence of its own…

“… this shape-shifting metal already helped win the Nobel Prize.

“Dr. John Zolper, VP of Technology at Raytheon, says this liquid smart metal is ‘changing the world.’

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“An MIT professor agrees, calling this metal a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity to change not only electronics, but the entire energy industry.’

“And Dr. Kent Moors, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. intelligence community – and one of the leading resource experts in the world – says:

‘This shape-shifting smart metal has an IQ of its own. Genius level. It’s already having an unprecedented impact on modern-society. And the new wealth it’s about to create? STAGGERING!'”

Dr. Moors is, of course, a fellow newsletter flack from this same publisher — haven’t seen him tease this particular metal or technology before, but perhaps that quote’s from one of his actual newsletters.

And, of course, one of the best newsletter copywriter tricks is “make up a new name!” Makes it sound more mysterious, makes it harder for the hoi polloi to just “google up an answer”… in this case, it’s the very James Bond-sounding “X-31.”

“Around the Silicon Valley venture capitalists and neuroscientists, I call this metal and its various compounds X-31…

“That’s because when you break this metal down to its molecular level…

“It has EXACTLY 31 protons in its nucleus.

“At the same time, it has 31 electrons.

“Perfect symmetry.

“In fact, it’s got a one-of-a-kind molecular structure – unlike anything else in the entire universe.”

OK, so leaving aside the fact that every atom, as far as I know, has perfect symmetry — the same number of protons and electrons in its neutral state (otherwise it would have a charge and be an ion, or be otherwise radical or unusual), we’ll accept that there’s a mysterious metal here that has some fantastical qualities… so how does that make us rich? More from the ad:

“At the center of this revolution, sits a tiny $7 company holding 42 critical patents.

“This company is small, less than one-half of one percent the size of Apple…”

OK, so that doesn’t have to be that small — half a percent of Apple could still mean that you have a company worth nearly $5 billion.

So that’s our basic roundup — there’s this magical mystery smart metal that Robinson says is ready to take share from silicon when it comes to semiconductor substrates (and some other applications), and there’s apparently one smallish company that has a bunch of patents and will make us all rich. With me so far?

OK, here’s a bit on the “silicon is at the end of its rope” assertion:

“After decades of pushing the envelope, silicon has reached the outer-limits of its capabilities.

“Silicon simply can’t go any faster.

“It can’t get any smaller.

“And it can no longer support the incredible technologies that are becoming essential to modern society….

“Wired Magazine reports that IBM has already placed a $3 billion bet on the DEATH of SILICON!

“And Intel – the biggest silicon-chip maker in the world – has signaled that they’re abandoning silicon for their new 7nm chips.

“In addition, Intel has announced plans to tear down their massive 600,000 square-foot silicon-chip factory in Hudson, Massachusetts.”