What’s Robinson’s “Little Black Smart Box” teased for Radical Technology Profits?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 16, 2016

This one already has a little discussion going among some of our intrepid Gumshoe Irregulars, and at least one of them has ID’d the right stock … but I’ve been asked to weigh in, so I’ll give it the full treatment today.

The ad is for Michael Robinson’s Radical Technology Profits, which comes from Money Map Press — and Money Map seems to have surpassed even Stansberry and Agora Financial in its ability to overwhelm our inboxes with multiple iterations of the same sales pitch, whether it’s for Robinson’s letters or for the stuff from Dr. Kent Moors or Shah Gilani or Keith Fitz-Gerald. They’re not shy.

And as Robinson has done with several other ads in the past year or two, this is one where they overwhelm us with repetitive promises of mountains of wealth, with lots of photos and charts, but keep the actual clues pretty light. There’s enough for us to ID the stock, but, as with a lot of ads, most of the pitch is really about the big potential of the end market more than it is about this specific company.

Here’s how he gets us going:

“Tiny Niche-Sector Surges 687,000% — $37 Trillion Fortune on Horizon

“This little black box — hidden in your neighborhood — holds the KEY that could unlock your share.”

And then he runs through more about this “little black box,” which he later dubs a “smart box” — including dozens of photos of various little boxes attached to lamp posts and street signs, and then the promise that…

“I wouldn’t be surprised if these little black boxes created the world’s first TRILLIONAIRE…”

He even quotes a few of his colleagues at Money Map, without mentioning that they share an employer…

“Retired hedge-fund legend Shah Gilani agrees, saying the opportunity DWARFS every fortune ever created in the history of man.

‘It’s simply mindboggling,’ Gilani told me from his posh Hamptons estate.

‘We’re talking about $37 trillion,’ Gilani said.

‘Maybe more. We’ve never seen anything like this. And we never will again. At least not in my lifetime.'”

And Dr. Kent Moors, who in every other instance puts himself forward as an energy expert but today is apparently also quotable when it comes to telecom…

“Dr. Kent Moors, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Intelligence community, and consultant to 29 governments worldwide, puts it this way:

“He says and I quote:

‘I doubt they’ll build another cell tower ever again. These little boxes are the new mobile network. And they offer extraordinary opportunities in commerce, national defense, healthcare, education, EVERYTHNG!'”

This is all really just another take on what’s usually called the “Internet of Things” — the increasing connectedness of all kinds of objects, and the movement toward “smart cities” and self-driving cars and everything else that will swamp our current mobile internet’s ability to handle the data… so the opportunity w