What’s the “$6 Million Startup” Behind “The Code of Life?”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 28, 2017

Today your Friday File is a two-parter — I’ve got some updates on several companies I follow (and own), and I’ve shared that in a separate piece, but I’ve also been bombarded over the past 24 hours with requests to solve a new teaser pitch from the Money Map folks, so I thought I should whip out at least a brief solution to that one for you. After all, you’re an Irregular — what would I do without you?

The pitch I’m being asked about is an ad for Radical Technology Profits, the higher-end newsletter ($1,950/year) from Michael Robinson over at Money Map Press, and he’s talking up a huge sales surge for a tiny company that he thinks will make you rich… this is the promise on the order form:

“Ride This Tiny Company‚Äôs 28,700% Sales Surge All the Way to the Bank

“Secure an early stake now and you could be $2.8 million richer within 18 months.”

The promise is that this “device” will be powerful enough to destroy pretty much any disease — so that hits lots of investors right where they want it, massive wealth and a promise you won’t get sick. Who doesn’t get all tingly about both turning your $10,000 into $2.8 million and making sure Uncle Bob doesn’t die of lung cancer?

More from the ad:

“This tiny device is the brainchild of a Harvard molecular engineer who is now being hailed as the most transformative scientist of his generation.

“He has already been honored with a long list of prestigious awards.

“Experts believe a Nobel Prize is a foregone conclusion.

“And his financial reward could put him in the same league with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“In fact, this scientific genius has launched a new company to bring his invention to market, just like Gates and Zuckerberg did before him.

“Right now, the company is tiny, with a mere $6 million in revenues.”

Ah, $6 million in revenues. That’s a lot different from the popular assessment of the size of a company by the value of its outstanding shares (that would be market capitalization, or market cap). But yes, you can imply, if you wish, that a company is tiny because it has “only” $6 million in revenues… just keep in mind that lots and lots of biotech and R&D companies have essentially no revenue, companies ...

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