What’s this “One Stock for the First Addiction-Proof Cure for Pain?”

What's Radical Wealth Alliance teasing as the stock that will kill opioids and reap huge profits on February 25?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 3, 2020

Today we’ve got another ridiculous promise, made to sell you a subscription to a very expensive and nonrefundable newsletter — sound familiar?

This time it’s Jim Pearce advertising Investing Daily’s Radical Wealth Aliance, which will run you $2,495 (“on sale” from $5,000) with no hope of a refund (they offer the “if you don’t like it, we’ll give you another year for free!” guarantee)… and your reward will be the promised land: What Pearce says is an “opportunity to collect a 4,550% gain from the ‘end of pain in America.'”

Like many biotech newsletter ads, this one promises both that you’ll be doing good and that you’ll get rich — after all, you get to help “end Big Pharma’s sick opiate scam” even as you roll around in your massive piles of money, and who doesn’t hate the opiate companies right now?

Nobody should ever spend $2,495 to learn about a “secret” stock, of course, particularly if they don’t even know if that newsletter is right for them… so we’ll sniff out the clues in the ad, get you an answer from the Thinkolator so you can think for yourself about the stock being teased, and then you can make your own call, on your own time, about whether or not you want to pony up a couple thousand dollars for Radical Wealth Alliance.

Like pretty much all the nonrefundable high-priced products we’ve looked at, this one also comes with a deadline — they say they have “only 210 slots” and that you have to act by February 25, just a few weeks away! Odds are pretty good that this “deadline” doesn’t mean much beyond “I’m afraid that if you think it over, you won’t pull out your credit card… so hurry!” … but we’ll check out that “catalyst” as well to see if there’s news coming down the pike.

Here’s the headline of the ad that caught my eye, just to get you started:

“BREAKTHROUGH ALERT: A Duke University doctor just discovered an addiction-free CURE for chronic pain, and it’s about to replace opioid pain meds forever. On February 25th, his breakthrough is about to end Big Pharma’s sick opiate scam and send one tiny west coast stock VERTICAL”

Sounds good, right? Curing pain without addiction… that sounds like something we obviously need. What else do they say to pique our interest?

“A safe, addiction-free CURE for pain that’s about to hit the market with ZERO competition – It’s a miracle drug that targets a brand-new pathway… completely different from opioids. Which means it causes no tolerance, psychological effects, or dependence. On top of that, nowadays doctors are prescribing HALF the number of prescriptions they used to, and Trump is planning to slash that number by another third within 3 years… and he could erase them altogether. If that happens, this drug could be the only effective pain medication on the market.”

Great! What else? Do we get any hints about the actual company?

“The small research company with the patent is 1/600th the size of Big Pharma titans like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Merck – Which means there’s near-unprecedented room for growth. In the wave of new safe pain medications being developed, they’re the only company to have reached human trials so far… which gives them a mile-long lead in the all-important FDA approval race”

OK… how about some absurd promises?

“In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that this miracle pain drug will surpass even Oxycontin as one of the fastest-selling drugs in history.”

And, of course…

“Only 1 Company in the World Owns the Patent on the First Ever Addiction-FREE Cure for Pain…”

And what’s with that February 25 date? We’re told that…

“Just one small research company owns the patent. On February 25th, it’s poised to take Big Pharma’s $26.3 Billion pain market by storm — and hand you the biggest investment payout of your LIFE”

And we’re told that it’s already in clinical trials — with some recent results that were impressive:

“Scientists tested the new drug in a Phase 2a clinical trial… and the results were outstanding.

“Eleven men & women started the trial.

“Each one had severe chronic abdominal pain to begin with, lasting months or even years.

“In just 2 months, the new drug significantly reduced their pain.”

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And while there are already Phase 2a clinical trials, we’re told that this was somehow “discovered” in early 2019, which is essentially impossible (it takes time to go from discovering a biochemical pathway to developing a drug and initiating clinical trials)… from the ad:

“In early 2019, a doctor from Duke University discovered a brand new addiction-free biochemical pathway to treating chronic pain.

“And on February 25th, his announcement is going to change the world and mint countless new millionaires.”

So what’s the story? Thinkolator sez the stock being teased is Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA).

The pain medication being touted in this pitch is Olorinab, which is a cannabinoid receptor 2 (CR2) agonist that is being developed for abdominal pain, such as that associated with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease or any number of other painful indications.

The only thing I’ve seen about specific results announcements from Arena regarding its Phase 2b CAPTIVATE trial for Olorinab (APD371) is that they expect to report data sometime in the next 6-12 months… in their word