“America’s ‘Infinite Oil Well’ — Matt Badiali teases that “Revolutionary New Technology Could Unlock a Potential $70 TRILLION Windfall”

So... uh, what is it? We follow the clues in ads for Real Wealth Strategist to get you some answers

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 29, 2019

This teaser solution was originally published in late January, but we’re seeing the ad pushed more again now and are getting more questions so I updated this piece to provide some more information and check in on the company.

Matt Badiali has been pitching an “Infinite Oil” company in recent weeks in ads for his Real Wealth Strategist, so I thought we’d take a moment to see if we can name that “secret” stock for you… and maybe get you started on your research.

The big picture spiel is pretty overwhelming, he shows these big pyramid charts that demonstrate the fact that the oil produced in the US is but a mere 3% of the total oil in place… with the implication that this “infinite oil” technology will some how produce the rest, unleashing “a $70 trillion windfall.”

Which sounds like hokum, of course, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Here’s a little taste of the ad:

“… the vast majority of this oil has been trapped underground.

“Completely inaccessible and nearly impossible to get out of the ground.

“Until now.

“Because a cutting-edge company — based in Houston, Texas — has been working to perfect a breakthrough technology…”

He doesn’t talk much about what this “infinite oil well technology” actually is, but implies it’s something that’s been “evolving” …

“In fact, I’ve spent years watching the evolution of this infinite oil well technology. And now is the perfect time to buy in.

“You see, there is a company — employing a powerful new technology — that is among the very first to tap into the massive ‘lode’ of oil that still remains untouched.”

He draws comparisons to the huge advances that have made so much oil for pioneers in the past:

“With just three innovations: the pump jack, rotary bit and pipeline…

“Billions were made by the Trout, Hughes and Rockefeller families, not to mention enormous fortunes for shareholders.

“But all of that is nothing compared to what the infinite oil well is doing today in America’s oil fields.

“… as exciting and lucrative as fracking has been for American oil…

“It’s nothing compared to the money that could be made with the infinite oil well.”

What problem does this “infinite oil” technology solve? The implication is that it’s the next wave of oil extraction, improving the production over time an dgetting rid of the well-known rapid decline of production following hydraulic fracturing (the oil gushes out to start, then quick slows). In Badiali’s words:

“When a well is fracked — it produces a gusher of oil quickly.

“However, the enormous pressure immediately begins to close the fractures again. That massive flow of oil soon begins to die down.

“In fact, production from shale wells can drop as much as 70% over the first year….

“For the past 10 years, since fracking changed American oil production as we know it…

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