“It Stops Viruses!” Matt Badiali teases that we can “Cash in on the Massive Profit Potential of This Miraculous Green Rock”

What's Real Wealth Strategist teasing with their special report, "THE ULTIMATE ANTI-ELEMENT: How This Green Rock Will Transform the World and Could Make You Incredibly Rich."

Today we’re looking for yet another “magic metal” stock, this time it’s teased by Matt Badiali for his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter over at Banyan Hill… and it’s all about this magical “green rock” that has some kind of virus-killing power, so the marketers are really highlighting the COVID-19 angle. Here’s a little of the lead-in from an email that I got pointing to the ad:

“So every time a person coughs, sneezes or uses the bathroom and doesn’t wash their hands — every single object that person touches becomes contaminated with their germs.

“But all that could change very soon because the surfaces made of this material stop the spread of these viruses, and it could provide you with the chance to turn a small stake into $4,000 or more….

“And right now, new coatings made from this miraculous material are starting to cover the most germ-coated surfaces we come into contact with each day.

“It’s starting to show up in our hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools and gyms, daycare centers, restaurants, airports and subways and even in our own homes.

“And it could make you rich as well, because the company sitting on the ‘mother lode’ of this green rock could provide early investors with the fortune of a lifetime.”

On it’s face that’s clearly just a “buy copper” idea, though the word copper doesn’t actually come up in the presentation — and yes, copper is a pretty powerful killer of bacteria and viruses, which has been known for centuries — ancient cultures used it in part to fight rot and infection, and we see stories about the power of copper every time there’s a scary infection going around. The novel coronavirus we’re all worried about right now only lives for a couple hours on copper, while it can survive for a day or more on lots of other hard surfaces, and there have been long-running studies that urge hospitals to use more copper in their facilities to help reduce the rate of spread of all kinds of infections.

And no, it doesn’t have to be pure copper — alloys work, too. There are different experiments to add nanoparticles of copper to hospital gowns or masks, and plenty of companies trying to sell brass (mostly copper and zinc) or bronze (copper and tin) fixtures as “virus killers.” The impact isn’t so powerful that hospitals have made the huge financial commitment to rip out their stainless steel and plastic fixtures or coat everything with copper, but some new hosp