What’s Matt Badiali’s “Magic Metal” Pitch About?

The ad for Real Wealth Strategist hints that this is "The No. 1 Commodity Stock to Consider Buying Now" -- what is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 23, 2019

This ad is an odd one, to be sure… it is essentially identical to an ad that was circulated in the Spring of 2017 about this “magic metal”, with Matt Badiali at the time claiming that the metal was rising in price, was about to skyrocket and provide a chance at 3,000% returns, and be a huge gainer for a $2 billion company. Now, the meat of the ad is essentially unchanged and the ad carries no date, but it is being pushed like a new idea… and the company has done poorly, thanks to falling commodity prices in the China trade dispute, and is a sub-billion-dollar company now. The ad sits out there like a timely survey of the prospects, but is really a time capsule from 2-1/2 years ago (and the stock, if you’re keeping track, is down about 30% from where it was when we first covered the ad).

So here’s our look at the ad from May of 2017, and I’ll insert some updates here and there to call attention to where the real story has changed in the interim….

Matt Badiali didn’t disappear from the newsletter firmament for very long –for many years he was the name behind Stansberry’s Resource Report (which was also called the Oil Report for a while), but he disappeared from that masthead a little while back… only to reappear in essentially the same role at Banyan Hill Publishing (which, like Stansberry, is part of the Agora family of publishers), helming an entry-level natural resources investment advisory.

This time around it’s called Real Wealth Strategist, and they’ve launched quickly — Badiali’s hiring was announced in early March, and here they are already with a superheated hype-fest of an ad campaign to recruit his first wave of subscribers.

This “Magic Metal” pitch that readers are asking about today is my favorite kind of ad, because they keep the poker face throughout — they don’t give in and say that, “OK, the ‘magic metal’ is actually magnesium” (or whatever it is), they keep the “secret” all the way to the end, so you get to double up on your voyage of discovery: First we have to figure out what the “magic metal” is, then we’ll move on to naming the one company they hint at as being the best investment for the “magic.” In their words, “This one deposit is so big it could solve the shortage crisis.”

So… step one. What’s the “magic metal?” Ready?

“It’s not silver, platinum or any other precious metal.

“It’s not aluminum, nickel, iron ore or lithium, either.

“In short, it’s a ‘magical’ metal with unheard of superpowers that other metals simply don’t have.

“For example, it doesn’t rust … it’s not flammable … it’s 100% recyclable.”

And it apparently has lots of uses:

“It’s in everything from airplanes to automobiles … batteries to boats … cosmetics to computers … surgical tools to smartphones … tractors to turbines…
It even has miraculous medicinal powers.

“Scientists are using it to fight diabetes, depression, low blood pressure, hair loss and fatigue. It aids in weight loss, improves vision and it can even protect you against many kinds of cancer.

“Hence, this “magical” metal is worth