“The Goldstone Strike … The Safest Mining Stock in the ENTIRE Market”

Sniffing around Sean Brodrick's "Gold for $287 per ounce" teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 4, 2014

Sean Brodrick is hawking not a subscription this time, but a one-time publication he calls The Goldstone Strike Report.

In this report, he claims to have the “greatest gold arbitrage play of the century” … a company that has benefitted by the fact that “The world’s richest country is practically giving away its gold at $287 per ounce.”

So who is it? Well, that’s why we’re here — to figure it out for you.

And no, we’re not going to give you the full “Guide to Precious Metals in 2014” or whatever other goodies Sean throws in with this special report. Heck, we probably also can’t tell you anywhere near as much about the teased stock as he can … and since it’s a mining stock, I will probably stop talking about it pretty quick before it gives me a headacwehe (our mining columnist, Myron Martin, is off at PDAC now — maybe he’ll chime in on this one if it catches his eye … once we get too far into talking “grammes/tonne” I begin to drift off).

But yes, we can identify the stock for you, give you the basic info, and let you research it yourself. No charge (though we do love our paying members, the irreplaceable Irregulars).

So what’s Broderick’s “Goldstone Strike” pick? Well, for that we delve into the clues he provides to whet your appetite:

“I know you probably think this is crazy.

“Why would a country sell gold at a 78% discount?

“But I’ll explain in a moment what I mean by this and why this is happening.

“Do keep in mind: It is ‘giving away’ only a very small amount of its holdings at this cheap price.

“And there’s a very good chance this price could go up in the next two weeks.

“So only a limited number of people will be able to “get their hands on” this dirt-cheap gold.

“But the good news is, since you’re reading this presentation, you could be among the first – and you could take all the cheap gold you want.”

That’s just silly. He’s teasing a mining stock, in case you haven’t yet guessed that far, and it will go up or down based on the market’s assessment of its risks and opportunities, loosely influenced by the amount of gold it finds, produces and sells. It’s not a “limited offer” for a few special people to “get their hands on” gold at $287 an ounce. That’s their assessment of how the company is being valued for this gold under ground — and, obviously, gold that’s distributed across an underground rock formation at a few grams per ton of rock is worth a lot less than the gold that’s been turned into a nice, shiny bar or piece of jewelry… the company will not suddenly become valued as if that gold had been produced and was sitting in the CEO’s office.

So once we uncover the name and tell you about it, feel free to take your time — in most cases where gold miners are not in the midst of a significant catalyst (a new discovery, new production, acquisition, etc.), the calculus is pretty simple: if gold goes up, the stock will go up more; if gold goes down, the stock will go down more. That’s