“Torpedo Technique Opens Energy Supply Bigger than Saudi Arabia’s”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 31, 2008

We’re getting a little bit off the beaten path here — this one was sent to me by a few British readers, though with the enthusiasm that I’ve seen from many of my readers for new energy technology companies I thought there might be some broader interest.

The teaser (it’s here if you want to see the whole thing) is an interesting indicator of the fact that newsletter and stock tout services use pretty much the same style in every country, so we’ve also got our outsize claims for possible returns, mysterious but colorful descriptions of the company, etc. They also put their disclaimers up front and center (“This isn’t financial advice, forecasts are not reliable, and so on), which must be required on that side of the pond. US ads that include disclaimers almost always hide them way down at the bottom of the page in tiny print (just like the Gumshoe, whose disclaimer is way down at the bottom of this page).

But getting to the point: