“World’s Greatest Gold Prospector cuts us in on his NEW Strike worth up to $12.5 BILLION”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 22, 2010

Here we are on Friday again, and as luck would have it we have before us an interesting teaser for a teensy little company that might have some merit — just the kind of thing I like to focus on for the Friday File, since sending out a stock like this to the whole free group of Stock Gumshoe lurkers would probably drive the stock up for no good reason.

This time we’re looking again at one of the more pleasant parts of the gold mining business — prospect generators, companies that don’t spend a lot of their own money on developing mines, but try to use some kind of edge to locate, prospect, and explore land, stake a claim, and get someone else to develop the mine for them in a partnership deal of one kind or another. That’s what one of my portfolio companies does (Altius Minerals), and I find great comfort in the model — so I always like to take a look when one of these kinds of companies is teased. Without further ado, then …

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The ad is for the Resource Windfall Speculator newsletter, edited by Dr. Russell McDougal (no, the Dr. doesn’t mean much for mining or investing — he was a dentist, a fact that he doesn’t hide, and like many investment newsletter guys he essentially turned a hobby into expertise, and expertise into an editorship. I guess once you’ve paid for that degree you like to keep using the title, kind of like Dr. Stephen Leeb with his doctorate in Psychology … though come to think of it, given the craziness of the markets maybe some psych knowledge would help).

And he does take credit for some very impressive stock picks in the past, though I have no objective knowledge about his record — including picking big winners Silvercorp Metals and Altius Minerals well before I had ever heard of them, for huge gains.

But anyway, here’s what Mcdougal tells us about this latest pick of his:

“At an undisclosed site in the Southwestern U.S…. World’s Greatest Gold Prospector cuts us in on his NEW Strike worth up to $12.5 BILLION

“He’s made three major discoveries leading to an astounding $4.1 billion worth of gold. But this remote mountain peak we’re standing on promises to be his biggest strike ever…

“Your biggest payday, too ...

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