“The End of American Money As We Know It”

What's Dr. David Eifrig's "New Currency?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 11, 2015

We see pitches about the “end of money” all the time — across the spectrum from the goofy spiel for “loyalty points” being the next Bitcoin, to actually trading in Bitcoin, to the more popular “end of America” pitch about the dollar dying and the need to have old silver coins and gold in your bunker that you can trade for sorghum and molasses and ammunition after we enter the next dark age.

But this one’s a little different — and, frankly, more “real” and familiar and less reactionary. The spiel is from Dr. David Eifrig in an ad for his Retirement Millionaire, and his tease is really about the next stage of payments and the end of cash and conventional credit cards.

Which is also not necessarily a new idea, of course, our society has been mostly cashless for close to a generation now, since the debit card came into full swing, credit cards became easy to get, and we saw the end of the paper “paycheck” and, before that, the cash payroll distribution