Examining Retirement Revival’s “Is This Junior Mining Company Your Next 10-Bagger?”

Opening up a teaser solution from a September Friday File

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 31, 2016

I’m going in for an eye treatment today that will keep me from being able to type for most of the day, so… expecting that I won’t get a new article written for you during the day, I’m opening up this Friday File commentary that I originally shared with the Irregulars on September 26.

There isn’t any huge news since then, the company did release earnings late last week, with their development and expansion plans more or less on track, but the stock isn’t really moving on the fundamentals of their specific mines — it’s moving right in line with other miners, gold is down 5% and most of the gold miners are down an average of about 10% in the five weeks since this article originally appeared, and this “secret” junior mining company is also down about 10%. So if you’re enthused about this one, I guess the good news is “you haven’t missed anything yet.” What follows has not been updated, edited or revised since it was first published on September 26.> Thanks for reading!

After the wild move that gold stocks have had this year, everyone is once again intrigued by junior miners — the 500-1,000% moves of some of the most promotional and headline-generating little gold stocks during the first six months or so of 2016 has created another frenzy. A frenzy of investment newsletters pitching mining stocks.

But this one is a little different… it’s not about gold. Well, it’s a little about gold, but it’s mostly about two much more boring commodities that have not had huge recoveries this year (not yet, at least): Copper and zinc.

And it’s from a newsletter I’ve never heard of before, and haven’t written about.

So that’s two little points of interest, which is enough to tip the balance and get my attention.

The ad we’re looking at today is from a service called Retirement Revival, published by Investiv and written by Thomas Moore. I’ve seen some options-related pitches from them in the past, and they also are responsible for the Market Trend Signal charting/alert system, but this is the first time I’ve noticed them teasing a specific stock.

So what is Moore saying that caught our attention? Here’s a taste:

The Copper Jewel

“Is This Junior Mining Company Your Next 10-Bagger?

“It provides a blue-chip like safety – a 5% dividend – and the last time this happened it turned every $10,000 into
$267,000…and it’s about to do it again.”

What’s not to like, right? Blue chip safety, big dividend, junior miner, has generated huge gains in the past? Well, what’s not to like other than the obvious “that’s too good to be true” response that should be our knee-jerk reaction to these kinds of promises.

What else do we learn about this “junior miner?”

“… the best time to buy junior mining companies is right after a major bear market low, before the next bull market begins….

“… you can still buy this company near the bottom, but it is urgent. Once it begins to move it will happen very quickly.

“After the last bear market low in 2008, the share price of this small cap miner rose from $0.27 to $7.50 in just over two years.”

And this…

“Right now the share price is down -62% from its old high and is trading “dirt cheap.” However, all indicators are pointing to a possible 300% rise… which could happen in as little as 12 months.

“But it won’t stop there. Ultimately, I believe the share price of this particular junior miner will rise by 1,000% and possibly as much as 4,000% from today’s price. Here’s why:

“The two metals this company specializes in are two of the most important economic metals in the world and both have gaping supply deficits over the next 20 years – unlike anything we’ve ever seen in modern history.”