More “Hyperspeed Moon-Shot” ideas teased from Down Under

Identifying a couple biotech stocks pitched by Revolutionary Tech Investor

By, April 1, 2014

Yesterday we suffered through a long teaser pitch for “Hyperspeed Moon Shot” ideas from a new Australian newsletter called Revolutionary Tech Investor

… but we still didn’t manage to slog through all the growth stock ideas Sam Volkering was teasing.

So today we’re on the case to sift through the clues for a couple more of those “Hyperspeed Moon-Shot” stocks.

(Part one is here if you missed it)

We’ll jump right in, here’s the next “moon shot” idea Volkerling pitches our way:

“Hyperspeed Moon-Shot #2
“Beyond Surgery…

“Compounding breakthroughs in stem cell biology, pharmacology
and gerontology to invent surgery-free medicine…

“I have an early-stager for you now… it’s based right here in Australia. But it has the potential to blow Dendreon clean out of the water…in terms of what it’s doing, and what it could make early investors…

“Much like Google off-shoot Calico, this little Aussie company’s moon-shot is ETERNAL LIFE…

“The Australian pioneers I want to introduce you to are closing in on the answer to the problem of heart failure.

“Heart attacks weaken the heart muscle. That’s why 25% of people who have a heart attack suffer another inside five years.

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“The solution is in growing new muscle cells within the heart itself.

“This would, in effect, deliver a brand-new heart, and repair the kinds of dysfunction seen in coronary disease and stroke.

“It’s the equivalent of a heart transplant WITHOUT surgery…”

So … that sounds like they must be talking about one of the stem cell companies, since many of the stem cell researchers have focused on repairing and rejuvenating damaged heart tissue. But which one?

A few more clues:

“In short, scientists at this firm are closing in on molecular technology that could target, heal and regenerate damaged cells in the human body.

“Take the test results this Aussie firm has seen with those suffering from chronic back pain (emphasis is my own)…

‘Preclinical trials showed that a single, low dose of [the company’s molecular technology] into severely damaged intervertebral discs resulted in dramatic reversal of the degenerative process, regrowth of disc cartilage and sustained normalisation of disc pathology, anatomy and function.’

So who is it? Well, this firm is quite a bit larger than those teased earlier in the ad, it’s Mesoblast (MSB in Australia, where most of the trading takes place, MBLTY for the 1:5 sponsored ADR trading over the counter in the US).

I’m writing to you from high above Iowa at the moment, on my way to Las Vegas for the Value Investing Congress (I’ll be covering the ideas I learn about for the Irregulars for the rest of the week), and thanks to the miracle of airborne wifi I can get these words out to you… but the service is so slow that I can’t research the companies very fully or get into the presentations and data on the company. I can just tell you that it’s an interesting firm largely because they’re trying to mass-produce stem cell-type therapies — my understanding is that they’re not creating your own personalized stem cells for you, they’re creating “generic” treatments that are similar that have similar regenerative effect.

I haven’t even been able to get their latest press release to download, I’m afraid, but you can see their interim filings here. They’re not profitable, it looks like the stock has been pretty beaten up (unlike most biotechs, they haven’t doubled in the past year … and the stock is near the bottom of their 52-week range), they do have some cool looking science, and beyond that I’m just guessing … so I’ll open up the floor to you, the great Gumshoe faithful, to research this one and let us know if you like the cut of their jib.

And one more for you today on this decidedly non-value-stock thread before I turn the week over to talking up cash flow and actual earnings and hidden assets and such in the world of value investors … this second one’s about 3D printing, which we enjoyed for the first manic run a couple years ago but were frightened out of before the second manic run more recently. It’s probably beyond the scope of today’s article (and the strength of my internet connection) to reassess all the stocks in the sector, but we can at least name the one Volkering is teasing. Here are his hints:

Hyperspeed Moon-Shot 4: Beyond 3D Printing…

“3D printing on the verge of making it into the mainstream….

“But this next moon-shot is taking 3D printing technologies and COMPOUNDING with recent breakthroughs in biotechnology.

“Using their first prototype bio-printer this company has already printed a fully functional 3D blood vessel.

“After this milestone, the US National Institute of Health awarded this firm a funding grant to continue their pioneering research.

“Since then they’ve made huge progress.

“As scientists noted last year:
‘We have achieved excellent function in a fully cellular 3D human liver tissue. With (our) 3D bioprinted liver tissues, we have demonstrated the power of bioprinting to create functional human tissue that replicates human biology better than what has come before’ ….

“… the bioprinter they’re developing is able to replicate the multi-layer structure of human tissue…and is able make sure each layer then contains the relevant cell types.

“The result is tissue structures that ‘can function like native human tissues’.

“What does this mean?

“Think of the ability to print fully functioning ‘good as new’ kidneys, muscles, bones, ligaments…and even a heart!”

Well, again I can’t tell you a lot about this one, can’t get at the details and I haven’t looked at this company in quite a while … but I can tell you that they’re back on this side of the globe with this teaser: this is Organovo (ONVO), which has been a hugely volatile stock over the past couple years (and has been teased before by at least one or two newsletters), and is indeed in the “3D printing of body tissue” business.

ONVO has been a hotly debated stock for pretty much its entire existence in the public markets — it surged on investor enthusiasm about two years ago, when 3D stocks were all hot stuff, then collapsed immediately and has spent the interim gradually climbing back up. Recently, with some cynicism again creeping into the market regarding most biotech and momentum stocks, it fell down from the $9-11 range where it traded for most of the last several months and is back under $8 again. Like most stocks of this type where the success or failure of their product won’t be known for many years, you can’t really give the stock a valuation based on anything real — you just have to accept that if they keep developing their technology on a timeline to broad acceptance and approval by the regulators and the medical community, the stock will probably rise… and if stumbling blocks or serious problems arise, the stock will probably collapse.

How’s that for wisdom for you?

Sorry I can’t tell you much about these stocks from 38,000 feet, but I can at least fire out these Thinkolator results for you and give you a chance to research them on your own… let us know if you have any thoughts or opinions to share about Organovo or Mesoblast with a comment below.

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vivian lewis

safe journey


Mesoblast is a to notch company with top talent and will be huge. They will get to market first and be the standard for stem cell therapy. I bought it several years ago and made good coin on it but for the current valuation, I moved my money over to PSTI which has a similar approach only they are using cell from the placenta and have a patented process with an approved factory to make high volume and high consistency stem cells. They are way under the radar and severly undervalued IMHO and I should not even mention it as… Read More ยป

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louis wagner

I never miss one of your e-mails!!!! There great!!! Recently I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails on the Other peoples money MaxRO1 program. Do you know anything about it?? Thanks for all the great info you give allof us on the net. Sincerely, Lou Wagner

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller

yes its buying put options

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Louis, the maxROI is a very expensive [in my opinion] program to learn how to sell covered calls and mostly covered puts although the teaser info doesnt mention a word about using options.

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Ann Walcott
Ann Walcott

Why is MSB selling for around five dollars and the American ticker stock MBLTY is around $24. The usa – aud. exchange is near one?

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MBLTY is an ADR. 5 shares of MSB = 1 ADR share.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

Each US ADR is five Aussie shares


I got out of ONVO after reading analysis that their technology was not exclusive, leading edge, or were they actually selling 3D printers (vs giving them away for trials.)

Check out Seeking Alpha articles on Organovo.

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Carbon Bigfoot
Carbon Bigfoot

As I mentioned in prior articles “3D printing” is an incorrect moniker. Having been involved in computer applications since 1977 and CAD as a beta test site for one of the first CAD applications for HP/Carrier/Versacad in 1982 this has nothing to do with type of printing. The appropriate term would be PATTERN MAKING, which prior to this process was a skilled trade. My best friend was a pattern maker building PROTOTYPES for industry and gobmint out of wood, metal and later plastics and foam. Many of these materials are modified so they can be extruded by the computer- directed… Read More ยป

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bigfoot: eh, play with words if you like. I have no problem calling 3D printing stuff that is not confined to a plane. When you build layer by layer, instead of dot by dot, you get a sand castle. You need to do something more to it before using it.
Problem is all this hype. No one is hyping about HP or other similar giant-tech houses who can pull it off or buy smaller outfits.

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THANKS who ever leaked out this moonshots tip..Bell Direct my platform sent me this story as well….again well written,looks like a go…The newsletter was a tad expensive so im glad a tip arrived here free….this is only my opinion…if I make good money from it, then I purchase AUSSIE newsletter..SHOULD be more AUSSIE thoughts put in GUMSHOE…..


GUYS! Benitec!!!! please tell me you have heard of them? ASX:BLT
These guys have the technology that Calimmune in the US is using to cure HIV!
PLus they are about to cure HEP C with a single injection. End of next year will see an easy 10 bagger

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