Friday File — Inflation? Buy “Trophies”

Updated look at an old favorite being teased today by Matt Badiali

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 22, 2011

Before the Friday spiel begins, I do want to quickly thank you for the great response to our survey of a few days ago — we’re in the very first stages of upgrading and improving, with a new version of the site hopefully ready to launch by the end of the Summer, and your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated (if you didn’t get a chance to respond to our quick survey, you can still do so here if you like — thanks!)

So far, we know that if we can better integrate the Irregulars and Free sites, and speed up and streamline the site a bit and make accounts and logins simpler, that will make a lot of you happier. We also have known for a long time that the site is just plain confusing to navigate if you’re looking for something other than the most recent article, so we’ll be working on that, too, and we know that our two attempts at a forum have fallen a bit flat — not because of a lack of reader enthusiasm, but because the software is a pain and our oversight was weak, so I’ll be working on a way for you to share ideas and ask questions more directly on the site.

I’m sure that we’ll fail to please some of you as our redesigning and rebuilding process moves forward, but you can at least rest assured that our core content will remain the same. We’ll continue to build the site around the same kind of unique blather that I’ve been writing for you since 2007 — along, hopefully, with more fun stuff (and yes, I did get all the suggestions to hire an editor and tighten up the Gumshoe prose — it goes against the core of my being, but I’ll try!)

Thanks again for your help, not only in making suggestions on this survey, but in participating in the building of this service and this fabulous community over the months and years — Stock Gumshoe is evolving … slowly, because I have early onset curmudgeonliness, but evolving nonetheless, and I’m delighted that you’ll be along for the ride. I also recognize that you might not care, so I’ll move on to today’s main topic now …

Which is Sprott Resource Corp (SCP in Toronto, SCPZF on the pink sheets).

Why? Well, ...

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