“The Illinois Project could make you 455%”

Enhanced Oil Picks from Matt Badiali

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 30, 2009

I was on track to write something else this morning, but the deluge of emails and the mysterious name drew my attention to the “Illinois Project” teaser … think what you like about Stansberry & Associates, but they’ve certainly got some of the more creative copywriters churning out their tasty treats for the Gumshoe.

So the ad is for Matt Badiali’s S&A Resource Report, which is one of their “entry level” newsletters at about $50 a year. And to be fair, it’s pretty well-reviewed by my readers … but still, who wants to subscribe just to find out what an “Illinois Project” is and get a few stock ideas? That’s what your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe is for!

Without further ado, then, the pitch:

“I predict that any day now, the CEO of a small, Illinois based company will take the podium…

“And make an announcement regarding a technological breakthrough so extraordinary it could, almost instantly, spell billions in profits for his tiny firm.

“As I see it, an announcement would be the end result of more than 30 years of research and development in a remote region of Southeastern Illinois.

“In short, this small company is finally making possible something the U.S. Government has wanted (and tried) to do for the past 3 decades. A project that, until now, was technologically impossible.”

Oooh, a podium! This must be big news, indeed. What are they talking about?

“Now… not only are the townspeople of Illinois getting excited about what this technology can make possible… and how it could make them all rich… but the companies and smart investors involved with this project are beginning to see the dollar signs…

“According to independent forecasts, this technology could single-handedly bring in more than $2.7 BILLION for this small firm.

“That’s more than 12-times the value of the company (which we estimate could give investors as much as a 455% gain… maybe more).

“The good news for you is that, so far, this announcement has only been hinted at in small, local Illinois newspapers, like The State Journal-Register and The Pantagraph.”

“But we believe when this technology goes public any day now, all that will change. ”

The Pantagraph is a pretty cool name for a newspaper, no? Even if it does register as a misspelling now.

But anyway, all that and we didn’t even get to the actual business we’re talking about … which is oil. Yes, there’s oil in them thar … flat plains. Southern Illinois, like Pennsylvania a forgotten pioneer of the early oil industry in the US, apparently still has a lot of oil lying in the ground, and this “Illinois Project” is the effort of one particular company to get it out.

“Why haven’t you heard about Illinois’ supposedly rich oil fields before?

“..And what happened to all that oil?

“Well, when oil prices dropped to $10 a barrel in the 1980s, the majors left town.

“You see, at the time, there wasn’t a technology available that allowed companies to produce oil cheap enough to make a profit, in case oil prices bottomed out.

“So, Exxon, Chevron, and Marathon pulled out to look for oil in places where it’d be cheaper to extract.

“Illinois fell off the radar, where it’s been for the last 30 years.

“And what happened to all the oil?

“Well… that’s where things get interesting.

“You see, the majors ended up leaving behind a lot of unfinished projects… and therefore, a lot of untapped oil.

“According to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, of the 600,000 oil and gas wells that had been drilled in the region, including Illinois, less than 3% had gone deeper than 6,000 feet.”

So the Illinois State Geological Survey, according to Badiali, thinks that Illinois still has 10 billion barrels of oil in the ground, and investors have no idea.

And of course, one company has the inside edge on this technology and the big forgotten oil fields of Illinois, and Matt’s ready to tell us all about it …

“But what’s unique about this situation isn’t necessarily the amount of oil trapped beneath Illinois.

“Instead, it’s the work of one small company in particular…

“You see, what almost no one knows right now is that one small company has developed the technology to extract the remaining oil in Illinois economically… even if prices drop to $15 a barrel.

“This is a major advancement in the oil industry… and could be absolutely huge for the state of Illinois.

“In short, this is the technology that Illinois has been waiting for… the technology that could finally allow the state to unlock its remaining reserves of crude oil.

“‘It’s a miracle,’ says Lori Chase, a local real estate agent.

“Even ‘Big Oil’ is starting to take notice…

“Howard Mayson, VP of Technology for British Petroleum calls this technology, ‘The prize for the next half-century.’

“Right now, you have the opportunity to invest BEFORE the general public knows about the new technology… or the tiny company that’s developing it.”

Now that’s what we like to hear, that’s what gets the visions of caviar and sunny beaches locked into the Gumshoe’s cranium … now, to find out who this company is, a few more clues, please:

“… it’s the work of one company in particular,