What is the “Form 590 Retirement Secret?”

Sleuthalyzing the "Millionaire-Style Retirement" teaser from Unconventional Wealth

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 24, 2012

The gang from Insiders Strategy Group, (which used to be called Taipan), are pushing folks to sign up for a subscription to Unconventional Wealth, (which used to be called Safe Haven Investor), and as part of that push they’re teasing us that they’ve identified a secret that they refer to as “Form 590” that will allow you to invest like the millionaires.

Here’s how they introduce their idea:

“How to create a millionaire-style retirement account without buying stocks, bonds or mutual funds ….

“When it comes to saving for retirement, most folks put their money into 401(k) plans.

“But allowing the fat cats on Wall Street to control your money is a big mistake. That’s because traditional retirement accounts like 401(k)s, made popular by Wall Street-run investment firms, used sophisticated charts and computer software programs to con most Americans into believing that if they put 5, 10 or even 15 percent of their income into the stock market, they could retire rich.

“It sounded good, but the problem is, things didn’t turn out that way. Over the past decade, the stock market has done nothing but move sideways — while miraculously, the very firms that hoodwinked you into participating in their devious plan have gotten richer….

“Here’s the good news. Did you know there’s already a small group of Americans who have discovered how to use the Form 590 retirement secret to escape Wall Street’s grip? They are putting their money into some of the most lucrative investments that exist.

“Instead of working well into their 50s or 60s, and hoping to have enough money to retire on… they’re building millionaire-like retirement accounts.”

So … who can resist that? Not us! We must know the secret! What on earth are they talking about?

Well, it’s really a pitch for investing like rich people — or like Snyder thinks rich people invest, by buying up private companies and rental real estate and collectibles and stuff like that. Not too different from the broad themes that we sometimes hear teased by Mark Ford over at the Palm Beach Letter or, occasionally, from Steve Sjuggerud at True Wealth — using “alternative” investments instead of (or in addition to) publicly traded stocks, bonds, options, etc.

Here’s how he puts it:

“Remember more than 52 million IRAs are under Wall Street’s control.

“Is this the best way for you to get rich? Let me answer this question with another question. How many billionaires… even millionaires… do you know who made their money through a 401(k) or a plain-vanilla IRA?

“I can tell you this: None of the wealthy people I met working at that fishing lodge made their fortunes with plain old IRAs or 401(k) plans.

“Stop Listening to Wall Street

“Nope. All the rich people I know started their own businesses, bought and sold real estate or invested in private companies.

“But guess what… if your money is tied up in a 401(k) plan or regular IRA, you can’t do any of that.

“And yet 95% of Americans with retirement plans do what Wall Street tells them to do: Put your money in our hands and we’ll make you rich.”

Here’s some more teasing that hints at what this special investment secret is:

“By using the Form 590 retirement method, I’ll show you how its possible to invest in the most appealing assets… what I call the ‘millionaire makers.’

“For example, did you know that with this method, you could buy your dream retirement property right now? But get this, instead of living in it, you lease it out from now until that great day when you can clock out for the final time from your 9-to-5 job.

“In the meantime, you could be getting steady and sizeable rent checks every single month.

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“But that’s not all. You can also invest in a small business, offer a mortgage to your neighbor… even write checks out of your retirement account. Try doing that with your conventional retirement account. It’s impossible.”

Snyder goes on to refer to these kinds of investments as “Alternative Investment Opportunities (AIOs)” … So what is this “Millionaire-Making Secret of Form 590?”

Well, our answer’s going to have to come in a couple parts today — first, I’ll tell you what that “secret” is, then we’ll look at a few of the specific “AIOs” that he pitches.

The first part of the tease, the “Form 590 Retirement Secret,” refers, at least obliquely, to an actual IRS publ