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December 18, 2010 6:23 pm

I subscribed to Safe Money and Real Wealth for a few years, several years ago; and though I let my subscriptions lapse I still regularly read the e-mailed version of M&M, which I think useful.

I read with interest, but did not act on, the Weiss recommendations over the years; instead chasing CD rates, etc. and so I lost nary a dime during the “great recession” and market crash of the last few years. Of course, I missed the earlier “boom years”, and the more recent partial “recovery” too.

Saving, not “investing”, has kept me at least solvent; and today continuous active “trading and hoping” (i.e. speculating on the future actions of expert, professional, traders and on the trends of popular emotions) is all that is left of the old concept of sober “investing”; except in your own property, business or education.

Reading not only Weiss, but also much mainstream business, market and investment news over most of my 73 years, has been a real education, and a sobering one. I have watched both businesses and the financial markets become increasingly more deceptive, fraudulent, corrupt and volitile, over the past thirty years particularly. This was facilitated (and thus in the resulting increased competition, mandatated) by a deregulating government that has acted in the narrow interests of the lobbying and campaign funding corporate organizations that buy, and now effectively own, that government; and against citizen interests.

I am currently considering the $600. “one-time” packaged service, and at least re-subscribing to SM and possibly RW; and particularly to the newer Nilus Mattive Dividend Superstars and Dad’s Income Portfolio letters. Of course, I may do as little in acting on these as I have done in the past, however, unless I come to feel better about some coming new honesty, stability — and re-regulation. [I do want to get hard copies in mail as well as e-copies, however, and am not sure that they now continue to provide that, anymore.]

The Weiss Ratings services are, I think, exemplary; and an important alternative to the “pay to play” ratings of Moodys, S&P, etc.; a fact that does not get nearly enough popular investment news publicity. However, I have to think that the Weiss people often know no more about future market performance than we do; and when they venture into historical “trend charting” as a predictor, it becomes humorous.

Too, I have to give Weiss, generally, a poor grade for consistency, as I think that the varied recommendations of his various newsletters are often quite inconsistent between them; and that the Weiss organization should be consistent throughout in its recommendations to its clients.

Still, we can’t blame Martin for agressive “sales” efforts (providing he is not deceiving); this is only a necessary part of business. We can blame him for not prominently posting the historical results of all recommendations, in order not to be deceptive; but maybe he will change that in future, remembering that “past performance is not indicative of future results”.


[My response to an invitation from one of my “financial gurus”, Martin Weiss, Phd, of the Weiss Group (publishers of Safe Money and other financial publications) to contribute our own subscriber “financial / investment” thoughts to his website; in honor of his birthday, 2008.]


Some years ago when I was young,
My life a song, as yet unsung,
Important though I thought wealth was,
I did not know its path, its cause;
I undervalued wealth, at best.

I knew, at heart, to save a part
Of all I earned, as mine; but art
And life and love were most in mind;
And though I saved, another kind
Of cost — life’s own, was time, at risk.

But stocks and options, puts and calls,
Slow, breathless, climbs, then frightful falls
Made me decline their profits, thrills;
I thought much more of Treasury bills,
Or bank CDs, a safer buy.

My savings grew, but then I knew
Of all I’d not done, ne’er would do;
The cost to me, deposits lent,
Deflated funds I should have spent;
Time valued cash far less than I.

As Weiss reminds us, you and me,
Investments not a guarantee
But speculation — former are
No better than the guarantor;
The rest is but deception, lies.

The brokers are the wealthy ones,
No mutual in mutual funds;
Though in the last analysis
All life and love, all time, has risk;
The Weiss’es tell it as it is —

So, Happy Birthday, Martin Weiss!


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Ken Berns
Ken Berns
January 6, 2011 3:25 pm

I have been with the Safe Money Report for over 10 years. I have found Martin and his writers to be very interesting and fairly accurate when it comes to picking stocks, but what I like best are the areas of investment that I would have never discovered on my own. Their predictions on major events tend to be real early but surprisingly accurate. Not all picks work out and I don’t trade every recommendation either, I use the service more for direction and timing. I have found SMR and their other publications to be a big help in managing my portfolio.

david robinson
david robinson
February 8, 2012 5:41 pm

very important to me—-

al brann
al brann
June 24, 2012 1:09 am

There is some interesting reading, but the endless pitches for bigger and better ideas for just a few dollars more is a real putoff. I’m already paying for the advice, what kind of clown admits he’s peddling mediocre goods?