Can You Profit from Africa by Buying a Bank with the Rothschilds?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 12, 2010

Before I get into the meat of today’s Friday File article, which plays off of one of the investing themes I feel most strongly about (the long-term growth potential of Africa), I should share a few housekeeping notes regarding my portfolio — I decided to sell Accuray (ARAY) and got stopped out of my position in Deer Consumer Products (DEER) during their big decline this week, and I have apparently been quite wrong in my opinions on Chinese agriculture and fertilizer names, as both Yongye International (YONG) and Hanfeng Evergreen (HFGVF) were clobbered this week after still more disappointing revenue and earnings numbers. I should have allowed myself to be stopped out of Hanfeng, at least, earlier this week but held back because I haven’t taken the time to really reconsider (I’m not generally a fast mover, as you’ve probably noticed, and don’t usually use automatic trailing stops) — I still can’t reconcile my belief that pretty much all Chinese fertilizer companies should be doing gangbusters business with the fact that most of them are doing very poorly, but it’s probably time to recognize that the choices I’ve made in this competitive business have been bad ones. I won’t do anything with these shares for three days now that I’m writing about them to you, but I will let you know if I do anything with those positions after that time passes.

And now, on to something more fun than updates on a few of my money-losing investments.

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The folks at KCI must have a thing for the Rothschild family, because this is the second time they’ve built a teaser around following the investment moves of the Rothschilds to build your own fortune. Last time it was Elliott Gue, speculating that the Rothschilds would be moving into deepwater drilling services and taking over Seadrill (at least, that’s the conclusion I reached from his teaser), and of course, I’d love to agree with him since I’m a Seadrill shareholder and that was the first stock I profiled for the Irregulars a couple years ago (I don’t agree, but I’d love to — and if the Rothschilds want my shares, they can buy ’em for the right price).

This time, though, we’re told by Yiannis Mostrous that the Rothschilds are “going to Africa,” and that you can follow their money to make some of your own … ...

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