“One Little Shot to Kill Cancer Dead” from Smart Tech Investor

What's the "27 Times Your Money on the ‘Alpha Cells’ Discovery” Stock teased by Dr. Joe Duarte?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 25, 2016

“UCLA Researchers Stunned by Nobel Prize-Winning Cancer Breakthrough

One Little Shot to Kill Cancer Dead

“Proven in clinical trials to eliminate lethal forms of cancer with a single dose
“One small company owns the patent to this life-saving treatment
“Its $5 shares are projected to surge 2,700% on an imminent FDA announcement”

That intro comes to us courtesy of an ad for Smart Tech Investor and Dr. Joe Duarte, who is apparently their Head Biotech Analyst (the newsletter is helmed by Jim Pearce still, as far as I can tell, and hasn’t been particularly biotech-focused in the past). Lots of readers have asked about this one, as you can imagine — who wouldn’t want to “kill cancer dead” and get 2,700% returns?

So what stock are they hinting about as they fish for new subscribers? Let’s see what else they say about it…

“A Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough proven to cure mankind’s worst disease… sometimes with just a single dose.

“I call them ‘Alpha Cells.’

“And while I doubt 1 in 1,000 Americans has ever heard of them…

“Cancer centers across America are buzzing with the results of this life-saving therapy.

“Leaders in the medical community can barely contain their enthusiasm.

“Like Edgar Engelman, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of pathology and medicine at Stanford, whose groundbreaking research shows, ‘We could use [Alpha Cells] to eliminate any kind of cancer.’

“Or Harmon Eyre, Vice President of Research at the American Medical Association, whose lengthy studies on Alpha Cells have revealed, ‘Patients’ responses are far out of proportion to anything that any current cancer therapy could do.’

“And then there’s Neil Martin, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of Neurosurgery at UCLA, who reveals in a new study that ‘[Alpha Cells] offer the best hope for a cure.’

“Over 1,065 clinical studies confirm its cancer-killing potential.”

So there you go, some kind of hot cancer drug technology, and they think they’ve found the stock that will profit from it. Those references are all to broader classes of drugs or therapies, though, not specific to “just one company” … seems to me they’re teasing the very idea of cancer immunotherapy, though that’s just conjecture from those quotes… so how do we narrow it down?

With more clues, of course!

They tell the story of Ralph Steinman, who discovered the power of dendritic cells to active the immune response (including to cancer), and who used that discovery to help prolong his own life after he was found to have cancer (he has passed away now, receiving the Nobel Prize after his death), and apparently the company he helped found to advance his research is the target of this teaser pitch. Here are a few of those clues:

“Dr. Steinman was already famous in the medical community for his cancer-killing discovery of our immune system’s ‘Alpha Cells.’

“But now his life’s work left the laboratory for a real-life battle against cancer—his own.

“He didn’t have time for new drug development or FDA clinical trials.