“A Booming Asian Health Care REIT”

This particular teaser ad didn’t get covered on the main page at StockGumshoe.com because I don’t like to talk as much about thinly traded stocks on the free site when I can help it (since that usually moves the price, whether I say something good or bad, just because of the larger group of readers), and also because it wasn’t a super-aggressive tease … but it caught my attention as an interesting idea, and I decided to follow up with you, my favorite readers, today.

The pitch wasn’t for a newsletter specifically, but for the Sovereign Society’s “Escape From America” kit of recorded presentations from their Total Wealth Symposium conference, which took place in Panama last week. The conference seems to be filled with the kind of stuff that would have been dismissed as crazy or marginal a few years ago, but seems to be getting more traction with the state of the global economy and the US dollar — stuff about how to get your assets overseas, tear up your US passport, and live the good life in a tax haven somewhere. I don’t write about that kind of thing very much, and the ideas they tout generally seem extreme to me, particularly when they’re marketed super-aggressively by folks like Porter Stansberry (End of America) or Martin Weiss (American Armageddon) … though I do expect we’ll see the dollar continue to depreciate over the long term, and I’ve written about my personal currency diversification efforts before.

But the Sovereign Society folks also apparently had some presentations about specific investments that can provide returns that aren’t subject to dollar depreciation, or simply get exposure to faster growing economies around the world. And they teased one of these that caught your Gumshoe’s eye … here’s a little excerpt to give you an idea:

“Who’s the Most Aggressive Currency Trader You Know?

“Hint: Look in the Mirror

“As Evaldo Albuquerque says, there is a dangerous, home-grown threat to your wealth:

“Home-Country Bias… investing most of your wealth in your home currency.

“If you get paid in dollars… bought your house with a dollar-loan… and trade stocks through a U.S.-based account – you may be taking on a LOT more risk than you’ve bargained for.

“The solution?

“Get some exposure to emerging-market currencies.”

And then they suggest one stock, and tease another:

“Evaldo recommends:

“1. Singapore Telecommunications (Singapore: 74.SGX) ...

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