“Image Mapping Rollout” to cure “3rd Leading Cause of Death?”

What's being teased by Stansberry Innovations Report?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 14, 2019

Over the weekend I got a lot of questions about John Engel’s “Image Mapping” pitch for his Stansberry Innovations Report newsletter ($49, renews at $199), so that’s what we’re tasking the Thinkolator with today… what is this “Image Mapping” technology that he says will make us 5X our money?

Stansberry Innovations Report is quite new, an entry-level technology-focused letter that we’ve covered a couple times, and the teaser picks we’ve looked at from them so far have been pretty mainstream large companies with solid businesses (Qualcomm and Fortinet). Engel hasn’t come up in this space previously — he was in health care before coming to Stansberry, apparently, working in biotech and pharma, so he claims some expertise in this area… and he dangles the appeal of the lucrative “medical device” market that has made a lot of money for investors in the past. Here’s a little of the early hinting…

“… the device I’m telling you about will…

  • Virtually eliminate the 3rd leading cause of death in America.
  • Save as many as 251,454 lives every year.
  • Free 6,200 hospitals from the threat of crippling lawsuits.
  • Make brain surgeries and heart surgeries far safer.
  • Save heart attack victims who would have died before they ever got to the hospital.
    And help the blind see again.

“This technology will revolutionize the medical system.”

Why is that? Well, the angle here is that “medical error” causes roughly 250,000 deaths a year (tracking of this is spotty, as you might imagine, when compared to more defined things like “heart disease” or “cancer”), and that this “Image Mapping” technology will help to reduce those errors… and therefore hospitals will be willing to pay up for the technology, reducing deaths and also reducing their risk of being liable for big lawsuit settlements.

Here’s some more on that from the ad:

“The device that will help medical professionals eliminate mistakes uses a hot new technology called Image Mapping. Image Mapping allows surgeons and other health care providers to truly ‘see’ their patients….

“It looks a little like Virtual Reality goggles. But it’s very different.

“Virtual Reality looks at a pretend world. A world that doesn’t really exist.

“Image Mapping lays digital information over top of the real world.

“For instance, surgeons can take MRI or CT scans of patients. And then they can digitally lay those scans over the patients’ bodies on the operating table.”

OK, so what he’s referring to there is what almost everyone else would call “augmented reality” (or, more recently, “mixed reality”) — adding a “virtual reality” layer to the real world. If you’ve seen Pokemon Go, that’s augmented reality, too, using your phone’s camera to show the real world but also layering on it a 3D Pokemon for you to “capture,” though the promise of a hands-free goggle system that can layer what feels a bit like a hologram over your visual field offers the next step beyond that.