“1+1=4” and “The Universal Cancer Cure” — What’s Stansberry’s Dave Lashmet talking about in his latest ads?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 16, 2019

Dave Lashmet has been a biotech/medical analyst and sometimes a newsletter editor at Stansberry for a long time, and the latest iteration of his high-end newsletter is now called Stansberry Venture Technology (currently “on sale” for $2,500, no refunds)… and it’s now being promoted with a “cure for cancer” spiel, so we obviously all want to know about that.

The ad is actually signed by Steven Longenecker, who I guess is Lashmet’s assistant editor, and the urgency of it comes from the notion that they just attended a conference and the “universal cure” has made some big strides… but isn’t yet being recognized by investors, so there’s an opportunity as the word gets out and this treatment begins to be more widely used.

Here’s a little taste of the ad:

“In the last few months – after 244 years of research – cancer science crossed a threshold.
My boss and I saw it firsthand.

“And right away… he began using this one, dangerous word.

“You see, it’s time to stop just talking about cancer ‘treatments’ or cancer ‘therapies.’

“We now have a cure.”

And apparently this enthusiasm for a cure is percolating through the medical community, Longenecker and Lashmet say they just returned from a conference…

“Now, my boss and I just returned from a prestigious oncology conference in Chicago.

“Even among cancer doctors, these folks are the most highly trained and paid.

“And the word ‘cure’ was everywhere.

“Because this was a conference of advanced researchers, the big question in Chicago wasn’t whether this cure is real and available today. It was about how well it might work in the most advanced cases of the most deadly cancers.”

This isn’t a “one pill” cure, however, it’s a combination of breakthroughs that are apparently working together. More from the ad…

“The fact is: If a magical single pill did exist, you’d have heard about it.

“And there’d be no opportunity for investors.

“The REAL cure involves a combination of cutting-edge technologies that now rest in the hands of just a handful of companies, which I want to tell you about in the next few minutes.

“It will take time – likely years – for these technologies to be adopted by every hospital and cancer doctor in America.

“That’s our opportunity.

“As this cure moves from a small number of lucky folks to millions of people…

“It could turn the businesses my boss and I are following into some of the most valuable companies in the world.”

So we are, at least, spared the conspiracy theories about how cures for cancer are somehow “hidden” by big pharmaceutical companies… but what we’re interested in, of course, is who those “most valuable companies in the world” might be. We’re talking investment, after all, so while curing cancer is obviously more important than that… the beneficiaries are what we’re interested in at the moment.

And, of course, that’s where the motivation comes to send in $2,500 to a newsletter you might know nothing about, with no hope of a refund if it turns out to not be what you expected… the dangle of those unknown investments. So let’s see if we can unravel those secrets for you today, then you can decide whether you feel like subscribing… without the pressure of paying that kind of money for a “stock tip.”

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There are four, we’re told… from the ad again:

“There are 4 in particular that are critically important, where an early investment today could become a massive fortune.”

So let’s look for those, shall we? I’ll cut to the chase a bit and let you know that the basic “cure” being talked about is a combination of immunotherapy and radiation — some of the ads have mentioned the huge breakthroughs in checkpoint inhibitors and other forms of immunotherapy, where the immune system is basically trained to attack cancer cells, and others have referred to the “gold medal” that a scientist one at that recent medical conference — that was the ASTRO Conference, and the medal was won by Dr. Silvia Formenti for her