Dave Lashmet’s “Stake in America’s Secret Resource Monopoly”

Stansberry Venture editor says this "secret" buy alert could turn every $1,000 into $4,000

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 17, 2016

Dave Lashmet is sending around an ad for his Stansberry Venture service that he says highlights an investment that is “Three Times Better Than Any Opportunity I’ve Ever Found.”

So that sounds pretty good, right? One nice thing about being an investment chatterer is that you can have a short memory — each idea that hits your brainpan can be the “best opportunity ever!”

Here’s a bit from the ad:

“The best part is this is — by far — the lowest-risk chance to triple or even quadruple your money that I’ve ever found.

“If you asked me to pick one stock, today, to put a sizable amount of money into…

“This would be it. Hands down.”

Most of the stocks we’ve seen teased by Lashmet have been biotech stocks, and he makes that point as well — in declaring that this new idea is not as risky as those biotech plays he has focused on in the past:

“I’ve written about companies with a legitimate chance to end cancer… heart disease… and Alzheimer’s — opportunities that could return 500% or more.

“But even so, these opportunities are not suitable for most investors.

“By their very nature, they entail a significant amount of risk….

“This situation today is very different.

“You see, this business doesn’t own any patents or intellectual property…

“It won’t ever cure any disease…

“It won’t ever dazzle the tech world as a guy on stage unveils its newest gadget.

“And it’s not promising to “disrupt” some ordinary activity like how you shop for groceries.

“Yet the world’s biggest and most powerful banks and hedge funds are circling… looking to buy out this venture while it’s still cheap and relatively unknown.”

OK… so what is it? This is, Lashmet says, the first time he has “discovered a Venture opportunity in precious metals.”

And he describes this as unusual for him, despite the fact that he’s bullish on gold:

“In Stansberry Venture, we recommend one-of-a-kind businesses that we can acquire while they’re still small enough to offer venture capital-like returns….

“The ideal number of competitors is zero.

“Usually that means that our target companies have a verifiable monopoly on a world-class technology, asset, or idea….

“But that’s basically impossible to find in precious metals….

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“No one owns the patent on gold.

“But this is the closest thing to it that you’ll ever find.

“And that’s why this is probably the single best opportunity I’ve ever uncovered.”

Well, now color me intrigued — the closest thing to a patent on gold? Are we talking alchemy here?

He says this one has upside of around 300%, and “long term downside” of around 10%. Which is pretty remarkable, if you happen to agree with his assessment. Though he does also say that “if you think precious metals will somehow be worth less in five or 10 years, this opportunity is not for you.”

What if you think precious metals might be worth less? I would assume that’s where any rational investor would come down — anyone who’s certain about where the price of anything will be in five or ten years is probably taking much larger risks than they believe they’re taking. But sure, my bias would be to assume that precious metals prices will rise over the next decade.

But we need to get to the point, right? You want to know the name of the company? Let’s put the Thinkolator on the case… here are our clues:

“This company — which I will only refer to as Company X — is a functional monopoly. It’s the only business of its kind in the United States….

“… sits atop one of the richest pieces of real estate in the world… 20 miles off a remote stretch of inter