Identifying Lashmet’s December 31, 2017 medical breakthrough: “Radical treatment that could treat 1 in 2 of all cancer patients”

What's Stansberry Venture hinting at as "The 60-Minute Cancer Breakthrough?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 16, 2017

Lots and lots and lots of you have been asking me about the big “cancer presentation” that the Stansberry folks made last night, which apparently was a combination of Dr. David Eifrig’s medical advice and forecasting and Dave Lashmet’s hinting about his “medical breakthrough” stock… so let’s get to it.

I did not watch or listen to the presentation, I just read the teaser ads leading up to it and the big “don’t forget to subscribe” ad they sent this morning. It’s another of the “high price tag, no refunds” deals — $5,000 for two years (and then renewing at $5,500 a year) — so it’s not for the timid or small-portfolio’d.

And, no surprise, they get right into the excitement with no soft-pedaling or caution… here’s a bit from the intro to the ad:

“We’ve waited 17 years for this.

“Beginning December 31st, a medical breakthrough in the field of cancer treatment will be up for worldwide approval, and could send the company behind it up by 200% or more.

“We call it “The 60-Minute Cancer Breakthrough.”

“That’s because in just 60 minutes or less – it allows doctors to do what NO other cancer treatment in medical history has ever accomplished…”

And the ad early on also has an image of a giant device being lowered by crane, presumably into a hospital — it looks pretty much like the giant donut part of an MRI scanner.

So what’s the story? Apparently only a few folks are “in the know,” and it isn’t being covered in the financial press yet, but Lashmet thinks it’s going to take off soon. More from the ad:

“The only reason we know about it is because back in June, we flew to California… and saw it in action. The room only held 1,000 of the best cancer specialists. Some doctors couldn’t even get tickets inside.

That means this is one of the biggest unknown investment opportunities in the world right now… with the potential to make early investors an absolute fortune if you get in now, BEFORE approval comes through.”

There are lots of quotes from medical directors and important-sounding oncology folks about how this is going to be able to treat a wide range of cancers, how this kind of technology has been long in coming and is going to be in huge demand, etc.

And, of course, plenty of comparisons to massive gainers in biotech — this is pretty much required for any teaser in this sector, you have to remind folks that yes, when new drugs or products get regulatory approval the shares often soar higher (though, of course, that depends on what the investor expectation was — FDA approval can be a non-event if everyone expected it, and sometimes approvals don’t happen… what moves a stock most dramatically is when the news is either much better or much worse than expected).

They also note that Lashmet has picked some successful biotech stocks in his days with Stansberry — including ID Biomedical, Esperion Therapeutics, and Innate Pharma. Innate might ring a bell for longtime readers, since it was Lashmet’s first teaser pick when he took over the newly renamed Stansberry Venture about three years ago (that was after Frank Curzio was laid off,he had helmed that high end letter under its previous name Phase 1 Investor). In case you’re curious, Innate is currently priced just about where it was back then, but he claims to have only taken profits on half his position, with a 140% gain, and that’s probably possible if he bought at the late 2014 lows and sold near the Spring 2015 high.

But anyway, today we’re looking for that next mega-breakthrough — ready? What are the other clues?

First a bit more tantalizing teasy-ness from the ad:

“Would you believe me if I told you that a little-known company has just invented a machine designed to diagnose your cancer… develop a custom treatment plan for you… and treat, potentially even destroy your cancer without pain, in less than 60 minutes?

“And what if I told you that you could undergo this procedure with fewer side effects and better outcomes?

“And to top it off… what if I told you that this machine is vastly cheaper than any other cancer treatment on the market?

“And will shortly become a legal global monopoly…”

OK, and now some of the specific hints:

“… one specialist recently said:

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“This breakthrough ‘greatly improves our ability to target a tumor… to cure the cancer, and to minimize exposure to the normal tissue. And we shorten treatment times.'”

That sounds just lovely, but not very specific. What else?

“… this new technology combines:

“The ability to see your cancer (with harmless MRI)


“The ability to treat your cancer
“(with accuracy to the thickness of a credit card)


OK, so that narrows it down a LOT. MRI-guided radiation therapy is what’s being teased here, and it has been a goal of a few different companies and research groups over the years. Let’s narrow it down to one, shall we?

More clues…

“Practically speaking, it’s the difference between hunting with a shotgun and hunting with a sniper rifle.

“Already, nine of these machines are working, treating patients daily.

“As this treatment goes into large-scale use, more and more hospitals will begin to adopt it, because it’s better, safer, faster medicine.

“At its recent demo in June, it was applauded by 1,000 of the world’s top cancer doctors, who treat hundreds of thousands of patients a year.”

We’re also told that it’s not being advertised, because