What’s “Stansberry Venture #1?”

Dave Lashmet: "The Death of Cancer May be MUCH Closer Than You Think and One Tiny Company is Poised to Deal the Fatal Blow"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 9, 2014

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The folks at Stansberry & Associates have shaken things up a bit in the last couple months — with the most visible change being that they laid off Frank Curzio and canceled his two small-cap newsletters, the relatively inexpensive Small Stock Specialist and the pricey, premium Phase 1 Investor service.

The latter, Phase 1, was the service that was most limited in number of subscribers — because they kept the price at $5,000. So it was for that service that they could recommend the truly illiquid penny stocks and the very speculative small cap ideas that would have been blown up if their broad-circulation letters touted them (you can’t suggest that 100,000 people buy a stock if it only trades 10,000 shares a day) — much of the time those ideas were either junior mining stocks or emerging biotech or technology companies. And it looks like they’ve got a replacement for Phase 1 set for the “top of the sales pyramid” as the ultimate upgrade service that they can sell to their customers — Stansberry Venture, just launched recently with Dave Lashmet at the helm.

Porter Stansberry gave Lashmet credit for recommending Cubist (CBST) and Durata (DRTX) for his Stansberry Investment Advisory service, and those both have been fantastic stocks this year (though I’m told they “stopped out” of Durata just before their premium buyout — one of the problems with using stop losses on illiquid stocks)…. and biotech has been the home of big winners all year, so it probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that Lashmet’s first teased idea — “Stansberry Venture #1” — is a biotech stock.

The hints are a bit thin, but it’s in the area of cancer immunotherapy where there has certainly been a l