Fool’s Latest “Huge ‘All In’ Announcement”

What's the urgency of this "huge announcement" from Motley Fool Canada's Iain Butler?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 30, 2020

This is the intro from a Motley Fool Canada email I got yesterday:

“It looks like you missed a pretty huge announcement that Iain Butler, our Chief Investment Advisor, made just yesterday. Since this could be a massive catalyst for your portfolio, I wanted to send you one final alert to make sure you don’t miss out. Please note: This is extremely time-sensitive, so I suggest you read it in full ASAP!”

And that got a bunch of Gumshoe readers revved up, so I thought I’d take a quick look for you — even though, yes, it’s Friday and I’m spending most of the day finishing up the Friday File for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars.

The Motley Fool loves to use terms like “double down” and “triple down” in its ads for some reason, and this latest one basically repeats a previous Motley Fool pitch that was extended to Motley Fool Canada back in April… only instead of a “triple down” they’re now saying that this signal they’re talking up is an “All In” Signal. The pitch is in an ad for Iain Butler’s Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada (“on sale” for $99, aims to recommend one US and one Canadian stock each month).

The Fool has often highlighted the outperformance of stocks that have been selected by both of the Fool-founding Gardner brothers — so if Tom Gardner initially recommended Netflix (NFLX), for example, and David picked it a couple years later that’s a “double down” signal that the stock is unusually appealing. Here’s what the new ad from Motley Fool Canada says in adding Iain Butler to that pair…

“… a rare and historically very profitable stock buy signal is flashing right now.

“David and Tom Gardner and myself independently research and pick our own stocks – what David and Tom pick has nothing to do with each other, and the same goes for my picks – they’re completely independent of Tom and David’s research.

“However, every so often the three of us all land on the exact same stock.

“Many of our colleagues at The Motley Fool have come to call this uncommon occurrence the ‘All In’ buy sign.

“It’s rare that all three of us formally agree on the exact same stock, but when it has happened, the results have been spectacular”

The big one there is Shopify (SHOP), which was still a tiny and largely unknown Canadian tech company when Motley Fool Canada recommended it at about the same time that David Gardner picked it for his Rule Breakers service, in the Spring or Summer of 2016 (it’s up more than 2,000% since then — and yes, I can verify that because we covered their teaser ads for the stock at the time, Motley Fool Canada teased it a month or so before David Gardner did), but the ad also references MercadoLibre (MELI), which Butler says he joined the US-based Fool brothers in recommending in January of 2014 (that has been a Fool pick from David Gardner for much longer — if memory serves, he recommended it before the 2008 financial crisis).

So what’s this latest one?

“… none of us would ever describe this new “All In” stock as a ‘sure thing,’ but t