What’s Casey’s Tiny $10 “5G Master Key” Stock? [Updated]

E.B. Tucker hints that "A Tiny Stake in this Company Could Set You Up for Life"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 7, 2020

This teaser ad has been running for several weeks now, and the article below was originally published on January 21… but we continue to get lots of questions about it, and the story has changed pretty dramatically in the interim, so I’m re-posting it here for you and have added an update at the end.

There seems to be no limit to the number of different 5G pitches we can absorb… the newsletter pundits of the world have their teeth into this latest telecom trend, and they’re not letting go until they’ve signed up every possible subscriber.

The promise this time is that a small company possesses the “Master Key” technology for 5G, enabling it to solve 5G’s well-known problems (like, the fact that some of the wavelengths used mean the signals can’t get through walls, or even windows or leaves)… and the fella making the promise is E.B. Tucker in ads for Casey’s Strategic Investor ($49, renews at $129/yr).

Here’s a little taste of the ad:

“… giant telecom firms — like T-Mobile and Sprint — have focused their attention on ONE tiny company…

“That owns a powerful new technology…

“That instantly fixes 5G’s glitch…

“And should reward early investors with a windfall.

“My research indicates this tiny firm’s shares could soar 9,700% in the months ahead.”

9,700% is an awful lot, no?

Here’s Tucker’s take on the challenges for 5G, and how this little company can solve them:

“5G’s flaw could slam the brakes on its nationwide roll out.

“That’s why, recently, a key telecom executive made a shocking confession…

“T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer let slip:

‘[To get 5G coverage] you’ll need no walls, no windows, no buildings, no trees… and lots of luck’ ….

“… the short waves that 5G Wi-Fi uses to pull off lightning-fast internet…

“They’re not suitable for wide area coverage.

“Right now 5G signals can be blocked by virtually any object…”

So how, dear friends, does this problem get solved? More from Tucker:

“But here’s where the 5G story takes an interesting twist — which could make early investors a fortune.

“One tiny company that’s 1/500th the size of the big telecoms…

“And much less than 1/10th the size of Apple, has emerged with an ingenious solution….

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“It’s a miraculous technology that looks like an ordinary black box…

“That promises to unleash the true power of 5G.

“And take it nationwide — practically overnight.”

So what else do we learn about this company? The ad drops the clue that they have “over 124 patents”, so that’s something.

And we get some hints about the customers they’re already working with:

“As we speak, huge telecoms are already knocking on its door…

“It’s inked multi-million-dollar contracts with T-mobile and Sprint.

“Including major networks in China, U.K, France, Japan, Australia, Russia, and Brazil.”

And we’re told that “its shares trade for less than $10 a pop…”

So what’s the solution here?

“What this tiny company has achieved is incredible.

“Working from the prototype used by the armed forces, they’ve built a new device…

“Powerful enough to transmit high-bandwidth 5G signals…

“To every corner of the country.

“Without littering the landscape with thousands of expensive and unsightly towers and antennas.”

OK, so somehow they’ve fixed the “can only transmit a short distance” problem? How so?

Tucker explains it like this:

“… big telecoms with two choices:

“One: They can build and place tens of millions of cell antennas every few 100 feet.

“Connected by over 1.4 million miles of fiber optic cables…

“Enough to circle the earth 353 times.

“Which —