“Mars Tech IPO” lauded by “the billionaire behind Google and Amazon” is called by David Fessler, “The Next Stock of the Decade”

What's being teased by Strategic Trends Investor as "The Largest Economic Opportunity of the 21st Century?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 18, 2020

The first version of this article was published on July 8, at which point the stock being teased was around $13 — Fessler’s teaser ad is being circulated again and sending a lot of questions our way, so we’re re-posting this teaser solution for you… the ad is largely unchanged, as far as we can tell, and is still dated June 2020, but the shares are now trading at closer to $25. I’ve added an update to the bottom of the article, but most of what follows is unchanged from when we originally published it six months ago.

The teaser ad I’m reviewing today is from David Fessler, a pitch for his Strategic Trends Investor ($79/yr) that has been running for a few days now. It’s all about a miraculous machine with some little ceramic tiles that will power our world and make us all rich… ready?

Here’s the part of the tease that gets your blood flowing:

“Every decade has a single stock that defines it.

“It’s that one company that creates a new technology, a new product or a whole new industry that’s so innovative and game-changing…

“That it rewards investors with a massive payday.”

And those stocks are easy to find in retrospect, of course, which is what they do in this pitch — noting Walmart from the 1980s, Cisco in the 1990s, Monster Beverage in the 2000s and Netflix in the 2010s, with returns for those ranging from 4,000% to 70,000%.

So ears are perked up when he says “I’ve just identified what I believe is ‘the Next Stock of the Decade.'”

So what business is this new stock in? More hype from the ad:

“It’s a company that has created the most game-changing new technology in the world today.

“60 Minutes has compared it to ‘the holy grail.’

“Yale called the coming spread of this type of technology ‘the next big thing.'”

And he quotes an unnamed shadowy billionaire, who says that this is “The Largest Economic Opportunity of the 21st Century.” In Fessler’s words…

“Those are the words of a billionaire… a member of the Midas List of the very richest people in America… and the secret moneyman behind some of the biggest success stories in history.

“This secretive billionaire was quietly the lead investor in both Amazon and Google.”

Why such a big deal? Here’s a little hype:

“Because this company… which just recently IPO’d and trades for less than $10… is set to become the most important company in America.

“The company was founded by a brilliant NASA rocket scientist.

“He was working on a secret project to create livable environments on the surface of Mars.

“And in doing so, he managed to create a new technology that will forever change the planet Earth.”

Ooooo… secretive high tech investors, Mars scientists, recent IPO — that’s almost all the “get me to quiverin'” levers you can pull in a teaser ad (just add “secret location” and some kind of Indiana Jones story, and I’ll be all but helpless).

So what’s the actual technology? We get some hints about that, too…

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“The base component of this technology is just 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters (mm).”

And it’s not just a technology, apparently there’s also some sort of product available…

“The rollout is happening as we speak….

“It has deals in place with Walmart, Google, eBay, Apple, Staples, FedEx, Safeway, Home Depot, Macy’s, AT&T, Honda, Yahoo, Verizon and more.”