“Bill Gates’ Next Big Bet” Robotics Stocks teased by Technology and Opportunity

Jason Stutman says, "If you could go back in time and place a bet with Bill Gates as he launched Microsoft... would you do it?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 30, 2015

Christian DeHaemer launched a newsletter called Technology & Opportunity about a year and a half ago, piquing investors’ interest with the idea that you can “Ride the Robot Revolution” and make massive gains, just like getting in early on the computer revolution by buying Apple, Microsoft or Dell 30 years ago.

And now it looks like DeHaemer has passed this newsletter on to Jason Stutman, who is promoting the same basic idea — that robotics will be the next millionaire-maker trend. This time they’re using Bill Gates’ face and implying that buying into robotics companies now is like buying into the computer companies a few decades ago.

And, as luck would have it, they have essentially changed nothing else in the ad since they started running it late in the Fall of 2013. The same arguments about robotics taking over hospitals, factory floors, and replacing workers with cheap machines everywhere you can imagine… the same arguments about extraordinary wealth to come from this trend for the early and patient investor… and the same exact three stocks teased as their favorites.

So I went back through and double-checked those companies for you — one has done extraordinarily well in the last few weeks, largely because of the attention of activist investor Daniel Loeb; one has done terribly because it’s related to offshore oil, one has been incredibly, boringly flat. If you had put $1,000 into each of the three back in November, 2013 when they first started teasing them, your $3,000 would have turned into $3,057 as of today (if you had put that $3,000 into a broad S&P 500 index fund, it would be $3,537 today).

That doesn’t mean that these companies are or were bad ideas, necessarily, it just means that the folks who put out Technology and Opportunity do not have a crystal ball to predict exactly where a stock will go — no matter what their ad letters say or imply when they trot out their examples of 70-200% gains in the course of a few months or a year.

So when you see lines like, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see its share price soar mega-fold in the coming months”… take em’ with a grain of salt — the big picture here is about the huge gains made from economy-changing developments like the emergence of personal computers over the last 35 years, which created both fantastic winners and huge losers (DEC, Gateway, Sun Microsystems are a few examples) along the way and, even in the case of eventual titans like Microsoft or Apple, certainly did not go up or beat the market every year. Presumably there are few investors who bought only Microsoft, Apple and Dell among the computer hardware and software pioneers and held those three stocks for 20-30 years, including through huge drops in 2000, 2007, 2008, 2012, etc., to make millions…

But anyway, the folks at Angel publishing think their three robotics stocks are an opportunity akin to Microsoft and Apple a few decades ago. Here’s a taste of the ad to get your juices flowing:

“Remember, early investors in Microsoft had a chance to make a stunning 82,000%. Investors in Apple had a chance to make 32,000%. And investors in Dell had a chance to make 53,000%.

“Early investors in robots will see the same opportunity.

“NOW is the time to get on board. We’ve reached a tipping point, and there is no turning back.

“The three companies I’m going to tell you about in a moment are absolute home runs waiting to happen.”

The big picture spiel on robots seems to be that we’re finally at a “tipping point” where the technology that has enabled industrial robots (like the million-dollar welding robots that worked on your car in the factory, or the Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci system for laparoscopic surgery) and “novelty” robots (like the vacuuming Roomba) are converging, with real, capable robots that can do human jobs with little supervision becoming cost-effective for small businesses.

Here’s more:

“The Tipping Point has Been Reached!

“Tipping Point #1: Amazing Artificial Intelligence

“That’s right, robots are getting smarter.

“For example, IBM created a robot named ‘Watson’ ….

“In order to demonstrate his prowess, IBM put ‘Watson’ on television’s Jeopardy! against former champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings… Using a robotic finger to press his buzzer, Watson beat the champs for a $1 million prize….

“Watson is now reviewing case histories at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, learning to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations….”

“Tipping Point #2: Stunning Technological Advances

“Thanks to stunning technological advances, the things robots are now able to do are amazing.

“For example, researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a new sensor that is sensitive to the level of one gram. This gives today’s robots a very gentle ‘touch’ and makes them versatile and incredibly nimble.

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“In addition, scientists at Stanford University have developed artificial skin that gives robots the ability to ‘feel’ objects as light as a butterfly….

“Google has developed robot cars that are now officially legal in California. Armed with video camera, radar sensors, a GPS, a laser range-finder, and a computer system… the fleet of 12 cars (mostly Toyota Priuses) have already logged over 700,000 miles of driverless travel on California’s highways.

“Tipping Point #3: Dramatically Declining Costs

“As technology improves, the cost of robots has declined….

“Consider the new sensor developed by Harvard University… Not only is the sensor better than previous sensors, but it is also ten times cheaper than anything on the market.”

So what, then, are these stocks that can make you rich as you “ride the robot revolution?”

Let’s take a look at the clues:

“Robot Stock #1

“Ride the Robot Revolution for 50X Your Money

[by the way, back in 2013 they said we could ride it for “15X your money”… so they’ve gotten a bit more aggressive]

“The company I’m recommending today has developed a robot that will help solve the doctor shortage, saving lives in the process. And using this robot, doctors can visit patients from anywhere in the world.

“The robot stands five feet tal