What about ‘dem Robots? (DeHaemer’s “Ride the Robot Revolution” Stocks revealed)

Sniffing out the other two robot picks from Christian DeHaemer's Technology & Opportunity

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 9, 2014

This article was originally published on November 13, 2013. The ad is circulating again and generating questions from readers, so we’re re-running it for you — the ad is still largely unchanged, and the three “secret” companies are still the same. The largest, FANUY, has matched the S&P with a 9% gain since the article first ran, the others have lost value during those 11 months.

The remainder of the article has not been updated or revised since it first ran.

—-from 11/13/2013—–

Yesterday we started looking at Christian DeHaemer’s robotics pitch, all from an ad for his Technology & Opportunity newsletter. And, as you might recall, I promised to follow up and look at the other two stocks he’s teasing.

The first pick that we covered yesterday, in case you missed it, was iRobot (IRBT), probably the first robotics stock any investors would mention — a mid-2000s growth darling of an IPO that has been through some big ups and downs partly because of irregular defense sales, partly because of fluctuating competition in their home robotics division (their Roomba vacuum is still the dominant home robot, but competitors have been cropping up in recent years and bringing margins down … and often getting sued for patent infringement).

You can check out that article from yesterday here, we got some good comments from readers as well … but today, we’re moving on to two other picks of DeHaemer’s.

So … what are the other two stocks?

Here are the clues for the first one:

“Robot Stock #2
“Underwater Robots Tap Ocean’s Black Gold Riches

“As you may know, an underwater robot named ‘Argo’ was responsible for discovering the wreckage of the Titanic back in 1985, at a depth of nearly 12,000 feet.

“What you may not realize, however, is that modern underwater robots offer an unprecedented profit opportunity… an opportunity that could make you rich in the months and years ahead.”

Now, in the world of robots we tend to get into some semantic disputes and arguments about the autonomy of robots …

… the Argo is a deepsea towed video camera, it didn’t “discover” the Titanic any more than Galileo’s telescope discovered the rings of Saturn but was a (unique and valuable) tool that was used by scientists and explorers to locate something, and it did help to illuminate and search a previously inaccessible part of the universe.

And likewise, the da Vinci from Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) doesn’t perform surgery, it simply translates a surgeon’s movements into a smaller plane with great precision…. etc., etc.

But moving on, which underwater robot company is he touting? Some more clues — he’s pitching the fact that deepwater oil exploration is still booming, and robots are making it more feasible to reach these offshore oil reservoirs:

“The Pressure Could Crush a Dump Truck

“According to Newsweek Magazine, temperatures exceed 450 degrees at that depth. And the 20,