“The Stock of a Lifetime: The 1 Stock for This $15.7 Trillion Revolution.”

Ray Blanco's ads for Technology Profits Confidential say this is his "Stock of the Decade" -- so what is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 15, 2020

I need to start with this part, the most ludicrous promise made in the ad:

“This little-known company, which you can still get in early on today, is at the forefront of this $15.7 trillion economic revolution.

“Right now, it does about $3.3 billion in revenue annually…

“Next year, I expect it to hit $100 billion in annual revenue.”

Crazypants, right? Revenue does not go up 3,000% a year, especially not from a high level like $3.3 billion. So what’s the reality behind this ridiculous forecast?

It does get sillier, by the way…

“And that’s just a bare minimum, assuming it captures less than 5% of this $2.9 trillion.”

“Realistically, that number could be even higher.

“From there, it could hit $250 billion in revenue… $500 billion in revenue…

“All the way up to $1 trillion in revenue or higher over time.”

I put the cart before the horse here a little bit, no? This is an ad from Ray Blanco for his Technology Profits Confidential, and he’s teasing that he has identified the “Stock of the Decade” — which, naturally, will let you not only retire in happiness but buy Ferraris for your grandchildren and perhaps pick up a nice little private island for yourself. (OK, fine, those are my words… he just says you could pay off your mortgage, travel the world in luxury, and turn a modest investment into “generations of wealth for you and your family”).

Just to get you a little more fired up, here’s more from the ad:

“But I believe this situation I’m telling you about today is, without a doubt, the biggest opportunity I’ve ever seen.

“That’s not something I say lightly… but the fact is I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.”

That kind of language must work, because they keep using it over and over — but do not get yourself worked up about whether Ray Blanco (or any other newsletter editor) is really “putting his credibility on the line” in making these claims. All the hype-sellers “feel” this certainty about every one of the ideas they pitch, that’s how they sell them so rapaciously — just in the last 18 months or so he’s also stated that he’s “never been more certain of anything in my life” about 5,000% one-year returns in Esperion starting back in the Fall of 2018 (didn’t happen, shockingly enough), and about March 29, 2019 being the “most profitable day in history” as PharmaCielo turned their Colombian flower-growing greenhouses into a marijuana empire.

I don’t want to bang a broken drum here for too long, but here are the charts of those stocks starting on the day Ray Blanco told us he had never been more certain of any