“The Stock of a Lifetime: The 1 Stock for This $15.7 Trillion Revolution.”

Ray Blanco's ads for Technology Profits Confidential say this is his "Stock of the Decade" -- so what is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 15, 2020

I need to start with this part, the most ludicrous promise made in the ad:

“This little-known company, which you can still get in early on today, is at the forefront of this $15.7 trillion economic revolution.

“Right now, it does about $3.3 billion in revenue annually…

“Next year, I expect it to hit $100 billion in annual revenue.”

Crazypants, right? Revenue does not go up 3,000% a year, especially not from a high level like $3.3 billion. So what’s the reality behind this ridiculous forecast?

It does get sillier, by the wa